Naval cryptologist with top secret clearance shopped around Apple’s secret 4G iPhone prototype

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“The iPhone-Gate saga just gets more intriguing: According to reports from Wired and CNet, two of the major players involved in the sale of the iPhone prototype to tech blog Gizmodo have now been identified,” Sarah Jacobsson reports for PC World.

“The finder, 21-year-old resident of Redwood City, California, Brian J. Hogan, received $5000 for handing the prototype over to Gizmodo,” Jacobsson reports. “In an article published Thursday, CNet reported that Hogan “had help” in finding a buyer for the phone. According to CNet, 27-year-old University of California at Berkeley student Sage Robert Wallower was the go-between for Hogan and the tech sites.”

Jacobsson reports, “Wallower, a former Navy cryptologic technician, previously worked as a computer security officer at Securitas and possesses ‘top-secret clearance,’ according to his LinkedIn profile.”

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  1. I’ll bet Wallower told Hogan something like how “connected” he was, and “trust me, we’re on to something hot here”. Sounds like he was not as smart as he thought he was.

    Besides, Apple’s corporate security apparatus probably would put the old KGB to shame. Neither one of them had a chance to come out on top in this.

  2. If Wallower was not a “former” Navy cryptologist he might be having a conversation with JAG about now. That’s not to say his security clearance won’t come under scrutiny. One who conspires to fence stolen goods is hardly one to be trusted with sensitive information.

  3. Being stupid and dishonest are not normally characteristics of Naval personnel in my experience. But those traits would certainly qualify him for other government work…

  4. @fred

    Do you just invent stuff? Or just full of crap?

    In fact, private contractors can have fairly substantial security clearances. Furthermore, there are numerous levels of clearances, some not so much, while the President, I believe, has the highest.

    Someone in cryptography, and probably using those skills for a government contractor, is going to have a TS clearance and a spotless background. This dude just lost that spotless background.

    So fred, if you’re going to spout off, get some facts first. What a maroon.

  5. The Hogan gang had the phone for some time before selling it to Gizmodo. Who’s to say that Wallower didn’t give some competing phone manufacturer a look at the phone before shopping it around to the tech blogs?

  6. As someone who had one myself, you lose it after you are discharged. So the fact that he HAD one, is meaningless. Plus it is not hard to get one, they practically give them out to anyone who touches data. I had one at 17 years old for a job that outside would be basic help desk.

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