Tog: Steve Jobs’ Mac formula keeps getting better and better

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“For those of us around Apple for the launch of the 1984 Mac, things are awfully familiar,” Bruce Tognazzini writes for AskTog.

“In bringing that original Mac to market, Steve hit on a formula that worked for him,” Tog writes. “He keeps repeating it, and it seems to get better every time. It worked for the iPhone, and it worked for the iPad, too.”

Here are the necessary elements:
• Small team
• Fearless Leader
• Steve’s Razor
• Closed system
• Flash & the Arrow Keys
• Childhood’s End

Full article – highly recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe J.” for the heads up.]


  1. Good article. I’m glad Bruce Tognazzini uses the term “closed,” explains what he mean, and uses it appropriately. Many others these days just write “iPhone is closed” (versus “Android is open”) because they hear others saying it, with no clear explanation or clue about what it means.

  2. In the very first paragraph –
    “The original Mac, likewise, shipped with a memo maker, a drawing program, and a painting program. Few others existed at launch.”

    The original Mac came a the full word processor called “MacWrite,” but not a drawing program. “MacDraw” sold separately and was never included.

    I don’t mean to be picky, (okay, I do) but, if you’re going to make analysis based on your past knowledge, you need to get your knowledge facts right.

  3. @the other steve
    OK he said drawing in the general sense of the term.
    As you said, get your facts straight, so yes there wasn’t a drawing progam but along with MacWrite came MacPaint.

  4. An original Macintosh computer appeared quietly in my university library in 1984. I was quite intrigued with this curious little mouse click device and the little tv screen. I played around with it during study breaks. Naturally, not being a programmer, it was MacPaint that I was playing with…doodling and drawing with the cute little mouse…applying different background patterns to my doodles…if only I had the funds or the insight to invest back then…sigh…

    Good memories!

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