How Apple lost their 4G iPhone

“The Gourmet Haus Staudt. A nice place to enjoy good German ales,” Jesus Diaz reports for Gizmodo. “And if you are an Apple Software Engineer named Gray Powell and you get one too many beers, it’s also a nice place to lose the next-generation iPhone.”

“The 27-year-old Powell—a North Carolina State University 2006 graduate and talented amateur photographer—is an Apple Software Engineer working on the iPhone Baseband Software, the little program that enables the iPhone to make calls,” Diaz reports.

“On the night of March 18, he was enjoying the fine imported ales at Gourmet Haus Staudt, a nice German beer garden in Redwood City, California. He was happy. The place was great. The beer was excellent. ‘I underestimated how good German beer is,’ he typed into the next-generation iPhone he was testing on the field, cleverly disguised as an iPhone 3GS,” Diaz reports. “It was his last Facebook update from the secret iPhone. It was the last time he ever saw the iPhone, right before he abandoned it on bar stool, leaving to go home.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Now, if that’s the next iPhone, is that a prototype case or the finished exterior look?


  1. I wonder if the boys at Gizmodo will enjoy there time in prison for trafficking in stolen goods. And do they know were cell phones are kept there (hint a larger screen is not a bonus)

    Before anybody whines. CA law is clear – the phone is stolen property.

  2. Being found on a barstool makes this misplaced property(not lost or abandoned). As such there are only two people who can claim ownership. The original owner and the bar. The person who found the phone has no rights to claim ownership under the Law.

  3. has more info on this story, now it`s claimed that Giz paid 5k for the prototype, if true and coupled with the fact that they named the employee that lost the prototype makes Gizmodo a bunch of first class douches in my book.

    MacRumors’ story

    Fsck you Gizmodo.

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