RUMOR: Next-gen iPhone to be powered by Apple A4-based chipset

“According to the Korea Times, which cites an anonymous industry executive, Apple will indeed discontinue its tradition of using Samsung-designed processors with its next iPhone,” Kelly Hodgkins reports for The Boy Genius Report (BGR).

“In its place, the phone will run a modified version of Apple’s A4 processor which just so happens to be proficient in handling 720p playback,” Hodgkins reports.

“It’s not a complete loss for Samsung considering it’s expected the electronics giant will be entrusted with manufacturing the chip, but no doubt Apple’s decision to keep mobile processor design in-house will effect Samsung’s bottom line,” Hodgkins reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow C.” for the heads up.]


  1. @anon
    “Well d’uh. It’s not a rumour?”

    You got that right.

    @A Flock Of Budgies
    “Did a bloody retard write this article?”


    This article, like so many on the ‘net, is a waste of bytes, meant only to drive hits.

  2. First the mobile OS. Then the whole line. Give it another year or two and all the chips in all Apple’s products will be of their own design. And they’ll handle the Windows-on-a-Mac issue, too.

  3. @ KeepHopeAlive

    “How there language is screwed up is do to there outstanding schooling which effects there use of language.”

    How their… to their outstanding … effects their use.

    Not a product of outstanding schooling yourself then?


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