Google expected to begin selling ‘iPad killer’ soon (with video)

Ashlee Vance and Nick Bilton report for The New York Times, “Google — a search and advertising company — is soon expected to begin selling its version of a slate computer, like Apple’s iPad.”

Google’s plan is to offer a device that would function as “an e-reader that would function like a computer,” Vance and Bilton report. “Eric E. Schmidt, chief executive of Google, told friends at a recent party in Los Angeles about the new device, which would exclusively run the Android operating system. People with direct knowledge of the project — who did not want to be named because they said they were unauthorized to speak publicly about the device — said the company had been experimenting in ‘stealth mode’ with a few publishers to explore delivery of books, magazines and other content on a tablet.”

MacDailyNews Take: Eric T. Mole loves “stealth mode.” After all, it’s the very mode in which he operated while on Apple’s Board of Directors and also, of course, while on some other “excursions.”

Google’s tablet UI concept demo:

Direct lonk to video via YouTube here.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple leads. Google follows. As usual.

And, Microsoft says, “Hey, no fair, Google! Following Apple around like a brain-damaged, three-legged puppy dog and calling it ‘innovation’ is our ‘strategy.’ And, we like it. We like it a lot.”

[Attribution: The Huffington Post. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Robert S.” for the heads up.]


  1. “they said they were unauthorized to speak publicly about the device”

    I think you will fine they were not authorized to speak, unauthorized to speak is just not kosher.

  2. Google:
    “Hey, look everybody!
    We took a 27″ iMac, removed the stand, and, uh … we’ll pretend we have touch technology that doesn’t infringe on Apple’s patents, and now look at our video of <strike>vapourware</strike>, um … soon-to-be-released hardware and software that we … uh, innovated !! Yeah, we innovated it!!”

  3. No, bring it on! I love seeing the lengthening lists of “iPod/iPhone/iPad Killers” with strikethrough! It’s hilarious, and very economically says it all!

  4. Eric is definitely going to buy himself and Google a very large lawsuit, and maybe something criminal for Eric personally.

    It’s obvious good ‘ol Eric was stealing while at Apple.

  5. I guess we’re going to have to trade in our backpacks and briefcases for portfolios the same size art students lug around. I’ve seen subway doors eat those for lunch on many occasions.

    Apple is the King of GUI, and the profit margin on the cheapest iPads are not that large. Unless Google is going to be selling these things at cost or less, I’ll be interested to see how it does.

    As someone that has to tolerate life on an Android-based HTC Hero, I hope Google does better at putting together an interface. I won’t be holding my breath.

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