CNBC’s Goldman: ‘Steve Jobs simply hates Eric Schmidt’ (with video)

CNBC’s Jim Goldman and Andy Hargreaves, Pacific Crest Securities analyst, discuss Apple vs. Google on the “Power Lunch” program:

Direct link to video via CNBC here.

MacDailyNews Take: Besides Apple vs. Google and Steve Jobs vs. Eric T. Mole, one thing’s plainly obvious after watching this video: “Power Lunch’s” Dennis Kneale is a twit.

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  1. If Steve does hate Eric it’s understandable. It seems obvious that Eric befriended him, worked his way on to the board, and made off with some good idea’s. I’d be angry too

  2. What’s with this “Apple stole from PARC”. Apple didn’t steal from PARC. Per Wikipedia: “Xerox was allowed to buy pre-IPO stock from Apple in exchange for engineer visits and an understanding that Apple would create a GUI product.”

  3. helps him kick ass

    my limited experience with google as a customer was awful ( ad sense ) they really really sucked ……………….

    I say we see bing as an option, but time for Apple to go after search, ads, marketing, everything …………….. man is it going to feel good to short goog into the ground hahahahahahah

  4. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of this drama results only in Schmidt being removed by Google’s board. I’m sure no one over there thinks it’s a good idea to be fighting with Apple.

  5. Eric is starting to look like Bill Gates doesn’t it? But I doubt Jobs has time to waste on hating people. He’s survived too much to misdirect his energy. People like Gates, Dell, and Schmidt come and go.

    The real question is how much is MSFT paying these guys to fan the flame and spread LIES? We know blogs are unreliable editorial opinions, but hard to believe the day when the Enquirer contains more truth than the supposed major media outlets…

  6. I’m not going to lie, I’m getting pretty tired of this Google/Apple war crap. It’s from the same dimbulbs that can’t grasp Apple’s place in the world, don’t understand why Google and Apple don’t constitute abusive monopolies, and haven’t been right about pretty much anything in last 5 years.

    It’s gossip, pure and simple, and it’s the product of bored and venal minds.

  7. Take home message: Apple hypocrites, Apple stole it’s original designs from Xerox. A point most of you don’t remember because you weren’t even alive in the 80s. Welcome to the world of technology.

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