Wired Magazine coming to Apple iPad; Editor in Chief Anderson: ‘iPad is a game changer’

“Wired Magazine Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson announced at the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference on Friday that the publication would be releasing its content for the iPad by summer,” Kim Zetter reports for Wired.

“The first iPads are expected to be available at the end of March. TED attendees got a demonstration — on what looked like a supersized iPad — of how their future reading experience would look with the March issue of Wired magazine,” Zetter reports. “‘I’m from the media world,’ Anderson told the audience ‘and as you may have heard, we have lots of questions about our future. The good news is I think we found part of the answer…. We think this is a game changer.'”

“Anderson said the iPad allows periodicals for the first time to do digital content with all of the same values and artistic range that are the hallmark of print magazines,” Zetter reports.

“Readers can sift through the contents horizontally and when they find an article they want to read, touch and drag their finger on the first page vertically to browse through the pages up and down,” Zetter reports. “They can also turn the device horizontally to take advantage of the automatically-rotating display to view two pages side by side like a magazine and zoom out to see thumbnails of the content all at once.”

Zetter reports, “The device allows for integrated media so readers can read a product review and touch a photo to jump into a video of the product. Advertisements can also be interactive. Clark touched a Camaro ad to flip the car around 360 degrees.”

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  1. Yup! Because the World needs a Giant iDud Touch for $500 because people are easily led into buying Hype. Glad to see you’ve proved me right. 1 month or 10 months…. its a FRICKING iDudTOUCH intent on sucking $$$ from your wallet instead of spending it on your family or a worth while cause. SO- TELL ME? How much did CRAPPLE donate to Haiti?? Or other causes??? I cant find one. I can find the “Gates Foundation” but I dont see any “Stevee Foundation”.

    BTW Tablet PC ‘s have been around while with screens that swivel and you can write on. So the iDud costs less and does less than a functional tablet pc? Typical pathethic hype…

    http://www.bing.com When it comes to decisions that matter, Bing & Decide

  2. The “Gates Foundation” only exists because he was told if he didn’t start giving back he would be one of the most vilified people in history. In other words, it’s a publicity stunt, does donating PCs to kids do anything other than line his own pockets?

    MW = bad, like Bill Gates

  3. @I’m a PC: Please grow up and try to put a real live thinking cap on. The tablets that have been around suck. Period. You probably salready know this but,like many irrational Apple-haters, simply cannot admit it. Whether the iPad will prove to be as revolutionary as some think remains to be seen. I think it will be, but whether it is or not won’t change the fact that PC tablets suck.

    What this has to do with Haiti is beyond me. Haiti is a true tragedy. And if you don’t want to buy Apple products because Apple is not sufficiently high profile on humanitarian causes for your tastes, that is your prerogatove. But it has little, if anything, to do with the merits of a specific product.

    Again, grow up and try a little objectivity. You were apparently born with enough of a brain to figure out how to use a PC and post here on a Mac news site. Use that brain a little.

    P.S. Just a littrle reminder: the user interface war is over. Apple won. All consumer computers are essenially a variant of the interface that germinated at PARC and was developed by Apple. Some of them, like your PC, are just a little more retarded than others. The next generation, when computers actually start to serve humans, rather than ther other way around, was announced on January 27, 2010.

  4. @Mr. Reeee
    “Wow. Wired usually hates all things Apple.”

    They all seem to hate Apple until Apple shows them how to make money with Apple.
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  5. Looks like I’m a PC did not do his homework. Apple is donating all of the revenue from the “We are the World sales to Haiti. Granted that is only 33¢ on the dollar from Apple but it will add up quickly.

  6. @ I’m a PC

    Bill Gates giving money to charity is great.

    But when he was making all those bucks he’s now giving away he was one of the most ruthless players in the business world. As one associate described it “when Bill plays he wants to walk away with all the marbles”.

    Reminds me of the Renaissance warlords who donated money to churches in their old age.

    As for Steve Jobs who knows what he does with his money? You can give money anonymously. We know that Steve Jobs is intensely private, how many photos of his wife and children have you seen in spite of the media frenzy around him? We see Bill and Melinda Gates all over in the press showing them giving money away.

    Steve Jobs has a one dollar a year salary from Apple since his return more than a decade ago, he hasn’t sold a single share of Apple stock except some for income tax purposes and last quarters financials shows that he doesn’t have a bonus or stock options. Billionaire Ballmer still has a salary from Microsoft plus bonus (although Msft has declined from 600 billion market cap to 250 billion market cap under his tenure vs Apple which grew from less than 10 billion to 180 billion under Steve Jobs).

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