iWork for iPad: Apple brings Multi-Touch™ to word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation apps

Apple’s iWork productivity applications that Mac users know and love — Keynote, Pages, and Numbers — have been completely redesigned for iPad.

Users will soon be able to create incredible presentations, word processing documents, and spreadsheets by directly touching the words and images on the large, Multi-Touch™ screen. And each of these apps has been designed specially for iPad, with completely new features. So while they’re simple and easy to use, they’re also the most powerful productivity apps ever built for a mobile device.

They even import iWork ’09 and Microsoft Office documents and allow you to send in iWork ’09 and PDF formats. And because Keynote, Pages, and Numbers will be sold individually on the App Store, you can purchase them all at once, or add exactly the combination you want to your iPad.

Keynote: With custom graphic styles, elegantly-designed themes, stunning animations and effects, and powerful, new features designed just for iPad, Keynote makes it easy to put the show in slideshow.

Pages: Everything you need to create beautiful documents. Including Apple-designed templates and easy-to-use formatting tools. So putting your words into a stunning layout has never been simpler.

Numbers: Create compelling, attractive, spreadsheets in minutes. With over 250 easy-to-use formulas, an intelligent keyboard, flexible tables, and great-looking charts, the answers will literally be right at your fingertips.


  1. Apple may need to change the name, and I certainly wish they did. Mac-see-Pad or whatever, iTampon is now the 2nd trendiest topic on Twitter eclipsing anything else Apple. I think the product is now simply hijacked by its name and Apple allowed it happen.

    For the strangest reason, the moment he declared the name, I had an averse feeling towards it. I realise it’s psychological, but still, it may not be the best way to win hearts with a new product when you invent a new wall between the product and customers, even with the bad publicity is still publicity mantra.

    Also, to distinguish between iPod and iPad, c’mon Apple, retire the silly ‘i’ thing already. I love my Apple TV, and using the word Apple can be a brand booster on an already recognised brand.

    Finally, I have a feeling, SJ had to cut his originally intended show in half, as he couldn’t get the deal with Hollywood and the Text Book Publishers. They would have been on stage with him otherwise. Maybe, SJ just wanted to get this product out of the house finally after a decade as real artists ship. But I’m not won over by Mr. Ive on this one. The back of this should have been flat, and not an imitation thin trick.

    But I’ll take their word for it, this is the most advanced tech they ever worked on, and now I’m very curious with what’s under the hood really.

  2. iWork 2010 to be available for both OSX and Windows so that Windows sufferers can create their Keynote presentations on their PC and then take the iPad to the client’s office. That’s my prediction anyway.

    MDN Magic Word = indeed
    As in this is indeed a game changer

  3. HughB writes, “You know how you can tell the 12 year olds on here? They get all giggly over the name iPad.”

    A female reporter on an NPR piece suggested there must not have been many women in the room when the name was discussed. So if both 12 year olds and adult women are making that same association, the iPad name may have been a mistake. (It wouldn’t have been my first choice.)

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