Interpreting Apple’s special media event invites

“The tech press covers Apple like it does no other company. And one oddball, ongoing example of Apple exceptionalism is the fact that even its invitations to product launches are treated as major news. They’re also analyzed as if the minimalist words and imagery they contain will reveal precisely what Apple will announce, if only we can crack the code,” Harry McCracken reports for Technologizer.

“All of which gives me an excuse to…write about Apple invites as we wait for next week’s Apple product event to come around,” McCracken writes. “‘A Brief History of Apple Event Invites’ recaps eight years of such invitations: what they said, what people thought they said, and whether expectations for the events in question had anything to do with the news that Apple actually released.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. It is great to have someone carefully sift through the years of invitations, catalog them, annotate them, dig up the frenzy that preceded them (together with all the expectations and predictions), as well as what was actually released.

    Based on the 13 invitations since the original iPod in the wake of 11 September, this one seems to be among the most cryptic ones. However, after reviewing prior 13, one thing can easily be deducted: the “new creation” that the press has been invited to “come and see” will not be a Mac, nor an iPod, nor an iPhone, nor an AppleTV. In other words, it most likely WON’T fall into any existing category. Which adds fuel to the tablet fire.

    Then again, I’m sure Apple’s PR is having a great laugh, looking at this mass hysteria that has been generated around this invitation.

    Compared to the Apple propaganda masters, Goebbels was a junior high school student. These guys could easily sell Eskimos the proverbial refridgerators…

  2. Simple: It´s the iPalette
    you´ll use it like a painter, you could grab it with one hand as a paint palette and use the other for hand for painting, working, reading or just for fun…

  3. It won’t be the iSlate or iPad. Too obvious.

    Taking a cue from Apple’s MobileMe service, new products will have “me” appended, rather than adding an “i” in front.

    The new device shall be called… PadMe.

    George Lucas is reportedly preparing a trademark lawsuit.

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