AT&T offers new unlimited wireless plans

AT&T today announced new unlimited plans across all devices –including its industry-leading lineup of smartphones — to provide more value and choice for customers who want to talk, text and surf on the nation’s fastest 3G network.

“With more than twice the number of smartphone customers as our nearest competitor, we are committed to offering great value and choice for customers who want to talk, text and surf on the nation’s fastest 3G network,” said Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, in the press releease. “Our new plans reflect customers’ continuing desire to do more with their phones – including talking and browsing the Web at the same time. Plus these new plans make it even more attractive to choose AT&T which already offers customers the best 3G experience and the industry’s most popular and innovative devices.”

The new plans, which will be available beginning Monday, Jan. 18, can be ordered at AT&T’s 2,200 company-owned retail stores and kiosks, through convenient online service at, or at one of the thousands of authorized AT&T retail locations.

• Feature Phone customers may choose unlimited talk for $69.99. Family Talk customers (prices assume two lines) may choose unlimited talk for $119.99 per month. Texting plans remain unchanged at $20 for unlimited plans for individuals and $30 for Family Talk plans.

• Quick Messaging Device customers may choose unlimited talk for $69.99 and Family Talk customers may choose unlimited talk for $119.99 per month (for two lines). These plans require a minimum of $20 per month for individual plans and $30 per month for Family Talk plans in texting and/or Web browsing packages for new and upgrading customers.

• All smartphone customers, including iPhone customers, may now buy unlimited voice and data for $99.99. For smartphone customers with Family Talk plans (prices assume 2 smartphones), unlimited voice and data is now available for $179.99. Texting plans remain unchanged at $20 for unlimited plans for individuals, $30 for Family Talk Plans.

Beginning Monday, existing AT&T customers can change to any of the new plans without penalty or contract extension with the online account management tool at

For customers who do not choose an unlimited voice plan, AT&T offers Rollover, which lets customers keep the minutes they don’t use. In addition, AT&T offers A-List, which offers unlimited calling to up to 10 domestic phone numbers.

Source: AT&T Inc.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “JES42” and “Thurl” for the heads up.]


  1. It looks like they’re lowing the prices of the limited (i.e. fixed number of minute) plans at the same time. My 1400 minute family plan is decreasing by about $18 per month.

  2. ummm, maybe it is just the purposeful obfuscation of rate plans, but changing from my current unlimited data and more than enough voice plan to the new unlimited plan would almost double my bill.


  3. How could they tell you your not eligible when the plans dont go into effect until Monday?? I bet this new info is not even in there computer base yet…Call back or go on the web on Monday and take it from there…I am checking into this on Monday, I have 5 phones on my family plan, 4 of them being Iphones..

  4. Why are people confused? Was the unlimited talk cheaper than this before? If you have an iPhone, you can get unlimited talk at $69.99 a month plus the required unlimited data plan at $30 a month … or $99.99 a month. If memory serves me correctly, this is cheaper than what unlimited talk used to cost, but I have the 450 minutes a month plan, so I’m not sure what the unlimited plan used to cost.

  5. No one is forced to choose an unlimited plan. You can continue with whatever plan you want.

    The previous unlimited voice plan was $99.99 a month. Now it is $69.99 a month which is a big 30% and $30/month drop. If you can’t figure that out on your own, then your math skills and ability to read are really poor.

    Unlimited data for the iPhone 3G/3Gs remains $30 per month – no change.

    Unlimited texting remains $20/month – no change.

  6. I’m still happily using my original iPhone. I get 450 minutes plus unlimiited data and texting for a grand total of $60 a month, and I have rollover minutes to burn. Sometimes life sucks, and then again…

  7. Wow there are some dense people on here. Nobody is forcing you to buy an unlimited talk plan. Keep the plan you have if you want.

    As for texting. I use the Text4free app. Works great and you only pay the price of the app. No monthly fees.

  8. Gee, that’s NEW! Remember, just because there’s a lot of it does’t mean you want it. If you could have unlimited herpes, would you take it?

    Let’s face it, AT&T;’s unlimited service is just their way of giving users an unlimited traffic jam so that they can sell them a turnpike at a extra cost.

    Opening all cell phones to all carriers can not happen too soon. AT&T;, Apple and the US government have exploited supply and demand to make lots of money. There really is not a true free market. We would have had cell phones and GPS in the sixties had government stayed out of the way. Thecnology was too busy fighting the cold war, tooany of our standards date back to those times.

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