Apple patent app details iPods with portable TV and DVR

January Clearance Blowout ends 1/14“On January 14, 2010, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals one of the next chapters coming to Apple’s Media Players,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“In Q4 2010, Apple introduced their fifth generation iPod nano that introduced a video camera and a new way to not only listen to the radio, but pause and tag it. While today’s patent covers this new iPod nano feature – it also goes to where Apple’s media players could venture next: HDTV. In the very same manner that radio is handled today, the patent carries this concept through to television – Not only for watching it, but for recording it as well, even on the go,” Purcher reports.

“To me that sounds a lot like a portable DVR – and that would be very cool. The patent makes it crystal clear that it will handle programming that is found on over-the-air radio or television (TV), satellite radio or TV, cable TV or music services, Internet streaming broadcasts and so forth. With the iPod Classic, you’ll use the scroll wheel to turn the channel and the larger media players will have a virtual dial with a more elaborate interface,” Purcher reports. “All in all, Apple is aiming to add cable or satellite TV to their media players and to confirm that, the USPTO just published a push button antenna patent from Apple just after Christmas.”

Much more, including patent application illustrations, here.


  1. What about an i-mac with an HD tuner, and being able to record, huh?
    What? You can only do it with i-pod? If people could do this on the mac, would they then also buy Apple Tv? Many Windowz computers do that.(Tune in and record HD) How about recording to Blu-ray?

    To do this with an i-pod IS COOL.
    Btw, don’t care about spelling, just want the infoo.
    Didn’t even notice.

  2. @bon – I agree with you with one more wish. I would pay for a web based TV
    system where there were no advertising just episode after episode like Starz or
    Showtime. I HATE all advertising and will jump channels to avoid it. I do use
    my DVR but even having to fast forward the ads bugs me.

    To make it perfect let me pick the shows and in what order they play
    and you can have the $150.00 a month I pay directTV right now.

  3. This is what they’e doing for the iPod? What – is there no one working over at the AppleTV division now??

    I mean come on; this – pulling in OTA broadcast channels and DVR capability – has been an oft-repeated request for AppleTV since the frigging day it came out! And certainly it’s been a hell-uv-a-lot simpler to add to that device than cramming it into a handheld anything. I can’t tell you how often I passed over buying an AppleTV simply because it didn’t have the basic ‘TV/video-centric’ capabilities that people have been using ubiquitously since the VCR came out in the late 1970s. I know I never would have bought an iPod, or used iTunes, if I couldn’t have moved my private collection or any free (legal) audio I have to them.

    So instead of making AppleTV into the must-have device it could/should have been 2 yrs ago, we’ll get it on an iPod sometime in the future. I like the idea for the iPod, but I’ve loved it – for a LONG TIME – for the AppleTV.

    Jeezus it’s infuriating. How can Jobs be so brilliant, and so damn clueless at the same time?

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