How does Apple CEO Steve Jobs turn inspiration into innovation?

Christmas PD5FM $10 discount“When Apple unveils its iSlate in late January, the tablet computer will be just the latest wowing of the world by the pioneering computer company. With its iPhone, iPod, and MacBook laptops, plus the original Macintosh computer itself (and the “1984” TV commercial that pitched it), Apple’s innovation has changed technology—and the people who use it,” Robert Brands writes for BusinessWeek.

“Often overlooked in these rollouts, though, has been the inspiration behind the products,” Brands writes. “How does a man—CEO Steve Jobs, who co-founded Apple with Steve Wozniak—foster such an upwelling of inspiration? How does a leader motivate teams in the organization and transform consumers into loyalists? More importantly, how can you foster such inspiration in your organization?”

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  1. @breeze,

    But inspiration enlights hard work and perspiration. Lots of people are working like crazy.
    For instance, Palm and MS are working hard too but for different results.
    Steve’s inspiration comes for the fact that $ is not his main goal.
    Neither is market share but only the development of the best products.

  2. Mac+:

    Agreed – All I ‘m saying is that inspiration is inseparable from hard work and “perspiration”.

    That means they go hand in hand and inspiration is not a substitute.

  3. Everyone can work very hard, all at the same pace and output. But Steve Jobs, and probably 95% of Apple employees, all have the same goal and desire. That is to produce quality and an end user experience, that is not unique, but something they would enjoy every minute of every day.

    I have to use a Dell PC at work. It works, but because of the people behind the hardware and software, I do not enjoy it.

    I have an iPhone, and a MacBook Pro, which when I can, I use. Because I enjoy it. The MBP is set up beside the Dell at work, and the Dell is only used for 2 programs. Everything else is on the MBP or iPhone.

    Steve Jobs inspires people and his employees to create an enjoyable experience. It just sohappens that people will pay for things they enjoy.

  4. @RyanC: I could not agree more – only that I also have to use a Dell at work, and unfortunately all of the work-related SW is on that, so other than admiring my 13″ unibody MB, there’s little reason to bring it here.
    I still do bring it to work regularly, just because I want to, and to finally have a thing that simply works (always and beautifully so) after the umptieth issue/freeze/crash of my work Dell.

    At Apple they simply want to make good, quality products. $ are a mere consequence of that, as is market share – but these are not the driving factors, quality is.

  5. Steve actually uses his products. He wants them to work, he wants to enjoy using them, he wants to be proud of an exceptionally delightful useful experience. Bingo!

  6. There are two things reasons for the tablet hype:
    1. We cannot think of much to improve on the other Apple products
    2. The tablet is the first computer that we won’t think of as a computer (like the iPhone is not really a phone).

    This makes the tablet much more accessible to a wider audience and will reduce the focus on W7 and MacOS X. When using the iPhone you don’t really think you are using an OS.

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