Apple pulls FingerWorks website ahead of rumored tablet

Christmas PD5FM $10 discount“Apple may have dropped a hint recently as it has quietly pulled the web content of its old acquisition FingerWorks,” Electronista reports.

“Both the original and cached versions now no longer show the multi-touch pioneer’s content despite it remaining largely unchanged in the more than four years since it was acquired by Apple,” Electronista reports.

“…The complete withdrawal may be the offshoot of Apple readying itself for a tablet announcement before the end of the month,” Electronista reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Spark” for the heads up.]


  1. Not that I don’t agree that this news, it is a good read between the lines story, I just like the humor how everyone stops to listen whenever Apple sneezes.

    Question – If Microsoft sneezes in a forest, does it make a sound?

  2. My prediction (with a grain of salt):
    The Apple iSlate will be released with a 10″ touch screen and an OS somewhere between iPhone and Mac OS X. The back will be touch-sensitive, too, like the Magic Mouse. You type on the back of the iSlate using a split virtual keyboard that is displayed on the front of the device. That is the only way that you could accomplish complex text entry on a device like a tablet without a physical keyboard or setting the device down on another surface. The Magic Mouse is a test-bed for the rear surface of the iSlate.

    Fingerworks pioneered development of unconventional keyboard layouts and input methods. This will be their day to shine.

    MW: close

  3. If Microsoft sneezed in the forest, it would make a sound. But you could hear it over the simultaneous fart at the other end.
    Which brings us full circle back to pull my finger(works)

  4. @SAB
    And in the mean time, the tablet will have antigravity field that will allow you to type on the back of it while it floats in mid air? Try typing with your palms facing up, talk about carpal tunnel syndrome. Now it they put the space bar on the sides of the tablet so that you thumbs grab to top and are able to push the space bar area and the keys are positioned in a conformable angle, you might be on to something.

  5. @Mac-nugget
    Of course you’d have to have your thumbs on the top. How else would you hold onto the thing. But think about the concept for minute more. Have you ever held a clip board in both hands? Your thumbs naturally wrap around on top, while your fingers lightly touch the bottom surface. Your palms support the weight from the sides. A touch-capable surface on the back in concert with a touch screen display on the front can be used from any orientation of the tablet. Just rotate the device, and the screen and keyboard rotate with it.

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