Apple execs visited LA hospital investigating tablet’s potential for medical professionals

Christmas PD5FM $10 discount“Representatives from Apple have visited executives for Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center ‘three or four times’ to talk about the Apple tablet’s potential for medical professionals at Cedars-Sinai, according to entrepreneur Jason Wilk,” Paul Boutin reports for VentureBeat.

Boutin reports, “Wilk, the founder of a startup company backed by the Y-Combinator incubator group, wrote on his blog that ‘My Dad plays golf with Cedas-Sanai hospital execs, who say they have been getting frequent visits from Apple about a new device in the last 6 weeks.'”

Boutin reports, “In a phone call, Wilk said the number of visits was ‘three or four’ and that his second-hand information suggested Apple wasn’t yet trying to close a sale, but rather probing for possible uses for the new device, which is almost certainly the tablet computer Apple plans to debut on January 27th.”

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  1. My step mom is a internal medicine Dr. At an E.R. Here in TN. She uses a MBP right now. She’d kill to have an apple tablet in her scrubs for medical calcs and reference manuals for medications and journals.

  2. Well that would make sense even if this particular report is fake. This is the product that will unite the iPod/iPhone devices to the Mac line be it short or longer term. If Apple is seriously going to attack the commercial market dominated by MS then this would be one of the major ways to do so expanding into new areas and the scope within them for technology which all have direct and indirect links to central processing. You expand the mindshare beyond the home user, who will knowingly or otherwise be used to ‘sell’ the product/concept within their own fields creating foot soldiers directly confronting the entrenched IT flat worlders, while giving scope to turning the central processing software or hardware that communicate with the devices into Apple sales too.

    With both workers and enthusiasts taking their products into the work place this will represent a serious threat over time to the Windows hegemony.

  3. ‘Music industry, check.”

    Actually, not really… Even my latest generation MBP struggles with a fully loaded song with Logic and plug ins.. My 8-Core Mac Pro is really what’s needed for proper composing.. I dont see how a tablet could handle what a MBP cannot..

    That being said, I’ll still buy a tablet/slate for other purposes.. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Yeh, and now if the U.S. could get its act together and let doctors have electronic (i.e., web based) access to medical records (with the appropriate security, of course), an Apple Tablet might actually be useful in a hospital…

    Just a thought…

  5. The doctors and specialists that I have encountered in the last year are all using iPhones for many of their needs. The tablet would replace a clipboard, charts, x-rays, scans, records, tests, etc. the iPhone is still too small to adequately display x-rays and other scans.

  6. @MikeK…

    I think you misconstrued Gilby’s point.

    I think he/she was making the point that Apple have already dealt with the music, movie and television industry through the shift at the iTunes Store (a shift that I might add was predicted by Nicholas Negroponte way back in the 1990s in his book Being Digital) and that Apple had further dealt with the dogma/received wisdom in the phone industry by way of the iPhone.

    iSlate (or whatever) will be the cornerstone of further “disruption” in medicine, service management, education, hospitality.

  7. If this story is true, I doubt it is accurate. Apple wouldn’t have been doing basic market research just 6 weeks ago for the tablet. They would have done that long ago before designing the damn thing. If Apple people were talking tablet with hospital execs six weeks ago it was to demo the device with one or more applications already developed so that Steve Jobs can announce a handful of Hospitals already on board at launch time. That’s the Apple way.

  8. Fake.

    He wrote, “Cedas-Sanai”

    1) Look if the guy doesn’t know how to sell Cedars-Sinai, then I highly doubt the guy’s dad works there.

    2) Why would Apple consult with “hospital execs”? Wouldn’t they be consulting with actual doctors and hospital sys admins?

    3) Cedars is not Apple-friendly. They use WinMo for their smartphones. They use Windows to access their EMR system.

    4) Why would Apple talk to Cedars? They could more easily talk to the people at Stanford Medical Center, as they have in the past.

  9. I’d love a tablet running Vectorworks Lite (MiniCAD 2010?) to use for site surveys, working out quick design solutions or hunting for hardware/fixture specs online.

    Let’s do an add-on laser measuring device that inputs directly into Vectorworks!!!

    As for the hospital rumor, at this late date I bet they’d be discussing apps or maybe part of an ad campaign with real-world solutions… kinda like the iPhone ads, but a bit more serious.

    Hey, y’never know!

  10. @ MacMan

    My MD, and all the docs in the practice, uses a Windoze netbook when in an appointment. Also has a voice dictation mode, presumably for a transcriptionist to type notes in to my file later.

    Another MD I know still carries a Palm (predates iPhone) to have the Physician’s Desk Reference – PDR – with them at all times. (PDR is the most commonly used reference by MDs)

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