Three reasons why Apple competitors are scared

Run Windows on Mac OS X with no reboot!“A couple weeks ago I harangued the value of an Apple Tablet, arguing that it was a failure from the start. The post presented five reasons supporting that stance. Well, I’m retracting everything I said, but not because the arguments were wrong, but instead, here are three even more compelling reasons why Apple will succeed and its competitors are doomed,” AppleInvestor’s Ernie Varitimos writes for Seeking Alpha.

Varitimos’ Three Reasons:

• Apple Has at Least a Five Year Lead
• Apple Anal-ysts Don’t have a Clue
• CES, Las Vegas is Huge Apple Billboard: Apple isn’t even at the show, yet they get mentioned in EVERY product review. Do you know what this means? If an Apple competitor doesn’t blow people away, if they don’t produce a game changer in people’s mind, if they don’t make people turn away from Apple’s upcoming earnings and media event, then every dollar they spent in development, every dollar they spent in advertising and PR, isn’t going to benefit their product, it’s funneling directly into Apple’s treasure chest, which at last count was somewhere around $35 billion.

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re not sure how his second bullet point fits with Varitimos’ headline, unless he thinks Apple’s competitors actually believe what analysts say.


  1. “A couple weeks ago I harangued . . .”

    Don’t you just LOVE analysts who use words like “harangued” (pretending to be erudite and sophisticated) and, in the same sentence, leave out the simple, basic preposition “of”?

    “A couple [of] weeks ago . . .” is the standard construction here, of course. And yet THIS GUY wants me to believe what he thinks and writes (words are, after all, his profession) when fourth third communication skills elude him.

    Just another anal-yst. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  2. @jjjj

    I always thought it would be hilarious if Apple were to announce they were entering some market (refrigerators, say) then sit back and watch the companies already in those markets panic and wet themselves.

  3. I just had a conversation with the developer of Plasticlogic’s Que… which uses a completely new plastic hardware technology… that the company developed itself… to create a flexible display… The new digital paper.

    This is an impressive device, with considerable content delivery in a sleek package that has tremendous potential… It is light, it cannot break… it delivers crisp content… it uses very little power. Though black and white, now… It will eventually be full color and deliver full video, but not for several years…

    It has only one problem… it is not an Apple product… and does not have the marketing engine of Apple… Its success will depend upon its ability to overcome this hurdle.

  4. He is completely missing the point. iTunes is the glue that pull together all of Apple’s CE products — this is why companies are afraid, they don’t have the content that Apple has.

  5. Don’t you just LOVE butt munches who use words like “erudite” (while ridiculing others for pretending to be sophisticated)?

    “Just another anal-yst. Nothing to see here. Move along.”

    That’s original.

  6. I suspect the second bullet point was not properly worded. I think he intended to point to a less restricted group … TECH anal-ysts, or simply Anal-ysts. Unless he was not pointing as much at those who primarily cover Apple so much as those who’s portfolio happens to include Apple. Still, a much broader group.
    It isn’t Apple’s competitors who are targeted by these anal-yst’s drivel so much as a) consumers and b) investors. Why do you think AAPL moves up as a big Apple News Event approaches then drops immediately afterwards – like what happens to most Dividend Stocks around their xDiv date? Anticipation followed by satiation? Or disappointment? Consumers STILL believe Macs Cost Too Much!

  7. Ernie is not an “analyst.” A couple of years ago when he started his blog I looked forward to his opinions about AAPL from an investment POV. Turns out his ideas aren’t worth the pixels they’re printed with. Witness this so-called 180 degree turnabout. His calls are always off and he has reared his head again recently in seeking alpha and what not. Huge disappointment.

  8. “CES, Las Vegas is Huge Apple Billboard:”
    Same happened in Barcelona mobile convention, Apple was the only manufacturer of mobile devices missing in that conference, but all the conference was related to the apple iPhone.

  9. Radius writes, “I always thought it would be hilarious if Apple were to announce they were entering some market (refrigerators, say) then sit back and watch the companies already in those markets panic and wet themselves.”

    Actually, they’d have to add both a “techno” and a “sector” spin to the leaked disinformation, as in “Sources are reporting Apple is quietly laying the groundwork for the “smart home”, encompassing everything from its information and media infrastructure to new generation smart appliances for the kitchen – all controlled by the ubiquitous iPhone.” Throw in a rumor Apple is currently in discussion with industry leaders and folks will go paranoid wondering what their competitors are up to.

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