Google unprepared for flood of Nexus One complaints

Apple Online Store “Google support forums are awash with people looking for help for problems with their Nexus One phones — and unable to find it,” Nancy Gohring reports for IDG News Service.

“Google is selling the phone directly to end-users. That means many users are turning to it first, and the search giant doesn’t have the kind of customer support that mobile-phone users are accustomed to.,” Gohring reports. “Google appears to be only accepting e-mail customer queries, to which it pledges to reply in one to two days — far too long, say most people who are complaining online.”

Gohring reports, “Many people are also turning to T-Mobile and HTC, but getting little help there. T-Mobile is often referring people back to either Google or HTC for answers to questions. HTC is often referring people back to T-Mobile, according to complaints online… One customer going by the name Roland78 said he was transferred between T-Mobile and HTC four times, spending a total of one-and-a-half hours on the phone with customer service.”

“Several people on one thread regarding poor 3G performance on the phone report being told by HTC customer service people that the Nexus One doesn’t support 3G, although the phone does. Another got an e-mail response in five hours from Google suggesting that the user try restarting the phone to see if that solves the problem,” Gohring reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: We all know that you wanted a real iPhone, but you settled for a fake one. And now you pay.

[UPDATE: 5:16pm ET: Changed “hit with” to “unprepared for” in headline as per feedback by “Javbw” below.]

Feel free to replace “iPhone” with “Mac,” that works just as well, too.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike in Helsinki” for the heads up.]


  1. T-Mobile just has crappy edge AND 3G service. My wife has a G-1 and half the time 3G is pretty much non-existent…and we live in a city of several million.

  2. it’s like a wild goose chase. It’s a really bad game of “who’s fault?”.

    Ahh google following the market model of Microsoft. Just provide the software and you’re ok.

    iDon’t need to be wasting my minutes calling 3 different companies. oh wait I can’t use my phone. no problem with wasting minutes.

  3. “Although Google has been one of my favorite companies of the past decade”

    “Google, the new MSFT!”

    Well, at least MSFT actually sells a product, Windows OS

    For the life of me, I have never been able to understand the attraction that people have for Google.

    It is nothing more than a company that runs a search engine, for Gods’ sake! Give them some credit for figuring out that you can sell the data, so I guess in that way they do sell something.

    But whenever they have to do something difficult, they blow it. They are just search engine kids!

    Lindsay Lohan made some good movies early in her career, but she has never taken on Shakespeare!

  4. This is exactly how I envisioned this to turn out.

    This is the same monkey-in-the-middle game, consumers have had to endure on the PC platform since Day One.

    No one is willing to take responsibility for the problem because there are way too many variables. So not until you have exhausted all the possibilities will any of them stop to listen.

    Either way, its nightmare for all, but it’s the consumer who is hurt by this and that translates as a fail in their minds. Unless of course you suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

  5. @kenh

    It’s true, Google has zero experience selling to the consumer.

    They couldn’t even have predicted this would go pear-shaped, because they lack historical perspective. After building a successful search engine and monetizing it for business, wire transfers kept their hands clean, because nothing ever changed hands.

    Now they have to contend with a physical object. They thought, as in enterprise, they could just sit back and take orders and not have to get their hands dirty.

    Google is comprised of, and run by, the best cube rats money can buy. They might be the best and the brightest nerds on the planet but it would appear as though they lack any street cred whatsoever.

  6. You guys all seem pretty hateful towards the Nexus One and Google. Why is that? I’ve been an iPhone user since it released and later got the iPhone 3G but the phone isn’t the end all be all you make it out to be. I haven’t tried the Nexus One and I don’t intended to (even though reviews have been tremendous) because I’m under contract with AT&T;until July but the childish namecalling and derogatory comments really aren’t necessary. Google is a great company and virtually everything they’ve touched or done has been amazing (search, mail, office, browser, apps like earth and now android) so I think people are being unfair here by saying they are just search engine kids (they have some of the smartest employees in the world) and being overly critical while at the same time choosing to ignore issues Apple has had with the iPhone since it launched. I guess I shouldn’t expect different from a Mac blog but still a little less juvenile and petty behavior would be nice.

    If AT&T;doesn’t expand their 3G coverage to my area (It’s been promosied for over a year now and the date continues to change) I’ll have to decide if I want a great phone (iPhone) hamstrung by a crappy network or a good (not great yet) phone on a better network. The iPhone 3G itself has a very difficult time switching between EDGE and 3G (often times doing neither) when it reaches a soft spot. When I bought a 3G and got rid of my original iPhone on the promise we would have 3G in my area by December of 2008 it was essentially unable to have 3G enabled at all because it refused to connect to EDGE. They had to send me another phone and the issue persisted until a software update. Apple also licensed the ability for manufacturers to sell magnetic cases as iPhone 3G compatible when the truth is they aren’t and it requires the phone be rebooted. Something only acknowledged by a discreet press release on their official support forums. So, I had to purchase an additional velcro case. Then we have the issue of a lack of legacy support (not updating original iPhone to have picture messaging) and no cross compatibility between features in a 3G, 3GS & original iPhone (not only can you not send picture messages but you cant recieve them on an original iPhone. There was also the 3G software update that caused iPhones to randomply power off and was only later remedied and acknowledged by an update about a month after the fact. Perhaps the biggest bungle was the price drop of the original iPhone that had customers fuming to which Jobs said “thats technology” and “deal with it” until he eventually succomb to pressure of the masses and issued a partial rebate in Apple Store giftcards (I got two such cards) … point is that Apple has messed up quite a bit especially early on and even most recently as well with the 3G and 3GS so lets not hold Google to a different standard with their burgeoning Android platform and Nexus One phone.

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