Google unprepared for flood of Nexus One complaints

Apple Online Store “Google support forums are awash with people looking for help for problems with their Nexus One phones — and unable to find it,” Nancy Gohring reports for IDG News Service.

“Google is selling the phone directly to end-users. That means many users are turning to it first, and the search giant doesn’t have the kind of customer support that mobile-phone users are accustomed to.,” Gohring reports. “Google appears to be only accepting e-mail customer queries, to which it pledges to reply in one to two days — far too long, say most people who are complaining online.”

Gohring reports, “Many people are also turning to T-Mobile and HTC, but getting little help there. T-Mobile is often referring people back to either Google or HTC for answers to questions. HTC is often referring people back to T-Mobile, according to complaints online… One customer going by the name Roland78 said he was transferred between T-Mobile and HTC four times, spending a total of one-and-a-half hours on the phone with customer service.”

“Several people on one thread regarding poor 3G performance on the phone report being told by HTC customer service people that the Nexus One doesn’t support 3G, although the phone does. Another got an e-mail response in five hours from Google suggesting that the user try restarting the phone to see if that solves the problem,” Gohring reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We all know that you wanted a real iPhone, but you settled for a fake one. And now you pay.

[UPDATE: 5:16pm ET: Changed “hit with” to “unprepared for” in headline as per feedback by “Javbw” below.]

Feel free to replace “iPhone” with “Mac,” that works just as well, too.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike in Helsinki” for the heads up.]


  1. @mary
    Yes but there is ONE place to call not three, that is the point. It is analogous to the problem with Microsoft and the hardware supplier.

    Wake up please.

  2. @Mary: I’ve had issues with my iPhones, but never ones that I couldn’t get handled at an Apple Store, an AT&T;Store, or on the phone with an AT&T;rep. And while I love email, it is a bitch to get email tech support. I much prefer to be able to follow-up an email with a phone call.

  3. Although Google has been one of my favorite companies of the past decade, one of their biggest weaknesses is support.

    Whether you’re a paying customer or not, expect long delays on support issues. They’re just not a support company. They’re an “invent something and turn it loose” company.

    It’s sad to watch them try and become something that they’re not. They’re getting sucked into the “gotta be bigger than” mentality that’s been slowly killing Microsoft for years.

  4. When you give most of your stuff away for free, people figure they have to support the stuff themselves and they don’t bother you. But when you sell something, especially for a few hundred dollars, consumers begin to expect a little service for their money.

    Welcome to the real world Google.

  5. I think this title is a bit misleading- it really isn’t about the volume of complaints – because every new device with a high sales volume at launch (espcially with first run stock) are
    going to have issues. iPhones and MacBooks all had launch issues.

    The real issue the title should be focused on is the lack of preparedness by google and it’s partners to deal with the inevitable. Apple took all the support away form AT&T;- so unless it is billing or the sim card, you are going to Apple for support. Google should have planned that out already – now that they are masquarading as a hardware vendor.

  6. HA HA HA!!! All those Nexus SCUM users – all those ‘meee tooo’ fools just trying to get close to what the iPhone is – just buy the REAL THING and avoid all the hassle.

  7. T-Mobile just has crappy edge AND 3G service. My wife has a G-1 and half the time 3G is pretty much non-existent…and we live in a city of several million.

  8. it’s like a wild goose chase. It’s a really bad game of “who’s fault?”.

    Ahh google following the market model of Microsoft. Just provide the software and you’re ok.

    iDon’t need to be wasting my minutes calling 3 different companies. oh wait I can’t use my phone. no problem with wasting minutes.

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