Apple’s iPhone OS 4.0 imminent?

“Apple’s late January event could have more than just the anticipated tablet itself in store, a rumor suggests. Certain developers have allegedly been seeded a beta of the iPhone OS 4.0 development kit that, among other adaptations, would include a simulator and tools to accommodate a new resolution and screen area,” Electronista reports.

This would “corroborate stories that Apple has been hand-picking developers in advance to have them convert existing iPhone apps to run in a tablet-friendly interface.,” Electronista reports.

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  1. It’s January 4th. Imminent is not January 27th. Imminent happens after too much coffee in the morning. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I think they mean by “imminent” by the time that Apple actually releases it. Coming soon, nearly here, almost confirmed for released, tomorrow or a few days-perhaps, or I have only a guest with no real evidence and would like a little article eye grabbin word!


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  3. Dear God, please let us run multiple third party apps already. The iPhone 3GS and 3rdGen iPod touch clearly have the hardware to handle it.

    I used the app “Ambiance” for the first time in months, wondering why I ever removed it from my phone. I found this great sound that emulates the low rumble of a soothing train ride (my favorite means of transportation). Then when I felt the urge to browse the web, I remembered why I hadn’t bothered with the app in so long: I have to hit the home button and exit out if I want to do anything else.

    If iPhone 4.0 isn’t the end of this absurd limitation, there will be blood.

  4. You, MDN, are an idiot. The only thing they may ANNOUNCE is the release of 4.0 DEVELOPER KIT.

    If you can’t differentiate between that and the actual OS release, go find yourself another day job.

    *hit whore*

  5. @ R2 – Could you, perhaps, consider the fact that you are not, in fact, representative of the majority of iPhone users?

    I’ve been using my iPhone quite happily without needing to run third-party apps in the background. Indeed, I’ve come to expect the additional security provided by this feature on the iPhone.

    Perhaps you may want to tone down your rhetoric a notch? This clearly isn’t a make-or-break feature for most of us.

  6. Frankly, just being able to jump back to the last one or two apps without going through the home screen would be helpful. The two “background” apps could be suspended and as long as they are responsive immediately (or nearly) then that gets one much of the usefulness of backgrounding. Some sort of supported facility for true backgrounding would be great but suspension gets one a long way.

    In terms of true backgrounding, I think all we really need is the ability to register a network thread that listens (or is invoked) when a particular message arrives at the phone. The push facility is close but involves more infrastructure. The other thing that would be great for developers is the ability to create a thread that is invoked periodically and can “get to the user” if needed.

  7. Okay, so he bitched. But Z has a good point: seeding an update to the iPhone OS to select developers would indicate that they would have time to work on their apps in anticipation of further changes and new hardware developments (on which I will let all of you speculate wildly). But I agree that this does not necessarily mean that any update to the iPhone OS will be in our hot little mitts tomorrow. I’m willing to bet it might be a while.

    What I found interesting is that IF this article is correct, it would indicate that a highly speculated, hyped and discussed but unannounced mysterious product that may or may not be announced by Apple (I’m totally doing a CYA job here) would more likely run on iPhone OS or a variant thereof rather than the full-blown OS-X for Macintosh. Of course, iPhone OS is in effect a flavor of OS-X, but differences abound. It’s a subject that has many techno tifosi in moistened-trousers mode with anticipation. So as to temper expectations accordingly, IF Apple does introduce a new (nudge, nudge) product, that what this article posits may help you with your frame of reference of what a certain speculated product may or may not do.

    My advice: breathe in and out slowly with deep, relaxing breaths. Don’t believe all the smoke, hype and breathless rumors. Much of what you may have read is pure speculation based on anatomic extraction rather than hard facts. Until Apple does or does not make any announcements real or imagined, cast all wild speculation aside. If so, you will likely not be disappointed, and possibly amazed to the point of a state of blissful childlike wonder.

    The Dude abides.

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