Nokia asks International Trade Commission to ban Apple imports, including iPhone

“Nokia has filed a third complaint, alleging that Apple’s infringing on several ‘implementation patents’ that covers everything from camera sensors to touchscreens,” Tricia Duryee reports for mocoNews.

“The complaint is the second one filed with the International Trade Commission,” Duryee reports. “In the filing with ITC last week, Nokia alleged that ‘Apple infringes Nokia patents in virtually all of its mobile phones, portable music players, and computers.’ Previously, Nokia sued Apple in federal court, as well.”

Duryee reports, “In this complaint, Nokia asks the ITC to consider banning imports of Apple products, including the MacBook and iPhone.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Can’t compete? Litigate.


  1. Too busy with there head up their ***!

    Fill in the blanks!

    Hey, Apple is a niche producer, if they sell a phone- how can they be better than us (Nokia).

    I think the market share numbers really cross eyed them. While stunned, medical (Lawyers) rushed to find the cause of the blackout and went to render (litigate) aid until full recovery has been achieved.

  2. Oh my gaud, is this desperation or what? I don’t think the alleged use of some patents is what is making Apple more successful than Nokia. It is design and execution. The cold has finally gotten to their wee little brains it seems.

  3. Wow, that’s the way to win hearts and minds, Nokia. I’m sure all of Apple’s customers are just fine and dandy with you trying to prevent them from getting the products they want. I’m sure they’ll all flock to your side.


  4. Well, Apple would like to ban all Nokia products being sold in North America because they are violating Apple’s patents as well.

    But, alas, Apple couldn’t find any Nokia products being sold here.

  5. Five years or more since Apple started shipping Macs with built-i iSight cameras, probably seven or so since the external iSight and now it becomes a pawn in a patent dispute.

    As for any GSM, UMTS or Wi-Fi patents that are breached in the iPhone, surely they are chips made and licensed by third-parties like Infineon, Marvell and Triquint.

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