Will Apple’s tablet run both Mac OS X and iPhone OS apps?

Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac “With all the crystal-ball-watching over the seemingly imminent Apple tablet, one issue hotly debated around the CNET offices, but infrequently mentioned elsewhere, is the hypothetical device’s status as a mobile computer,” Dan Ackerman writes for CNET.

“There are two schools of thought on this: either the Apple tablet (or iSlate, or whatever it ends up being called) will be a 10-or-so-inch tablet PC with a full Mac OS X operating system; or it will merely be a larger-screen version of the current iPod Touch, which has a closed, limited phone-like OS,” Ackerman writes.

“The former would mean it could very likely run any software you’d run on a MacBook, from Firefox to Photoshop, and maybe even install Windows 7 via Boot Camp or Parallels,” Ackerman writes. “The later points to a hermetically sealed ecosystem, where apps would have to be approved and sold through an official app store (as in iTunes).”

“While the recent rumors all seem to point towards a device without a full PC-style operating system, the purported 10-inch screen of the Apple tablet may create a different set of psychological expectations from consumers,” Ackerman writes. “Would a 10-inch device without that added flexibility feel unduly crippled or underpowered? Is an OSX-powered tablet the right way for Apple to go?”

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  1. Actually, that’s what I’ve been thinking as well. The iTab will run both Mac OS X and iPhone OS X.

    Personally, I want a larger touch, so I’d be happy with just the iPhone OS X, but I realize alot of people want a full-size tablet, and that would mean running desktop apps, so Mac OS X. I still think the iTab will be either 5″ or 7″, and not 10″.

  2. With the rumored tactile feel of recent articles, does that require just a stronger processor of the tablet or does that new input of information require a stronger OS to make it happen or can it be done on the iPhone OS, the tactile feel / gesture info of past articles?

    I’m torn to decide whether it is a closed app system or full blown OS X system. I think it will be the former because Apple has been rumored to ask developers to develop apps for this and Apple already has the MacBook and MacBook Pro for people who want Apple mobile computing.

    However, this I think will be geared more to a laptop that was never designed to be a laptop. I don’t know. If I did, I’d be CEO leading the way of this product introduction but I’m not. And that’s probably a good thing… for Apple!

  3. They’re saying they don’t want a crippled OS like the iPhone OS X and yet, they say they want to install Windows via Boot Camp.

    Now either they don’t want a crippled OS or they do want a crippled OS. They are very ambiguous about it.

  4. I don’t know if it will run OS X, but I am pretty certain that this device will NOT be simply a larger version of the iPod touch. The evidence is that the iSlate has been in development for years. I AM expecting the unexpected.

  5. In terms of hardware design, and in the spirit of modern Apple design, I think it will:

    1) be thinner than any of us would reasonably expect
    2) be limited to very few buttons
    3) have a higher resolution display than any of us would reasonably expect
    4) no USB/Firewire ports
    5) no optical disk drive or card slots
    6) will have wireless 801.11n for its networking
    7) perhaps will have SIM card slot for cellular data access

    In terms of software, I think it will have a customized version of OS X (just like the iPhone OS and the Apple TV). It’ll be somewhere between full SL and iPhone OS and will be able to run App Store stuff

    And it’ll be tied to iTunes, almost certainly.

    $499 U.S. with 32 gig hard drive
    $599 U.S. with 64 gig hard drive

    Gee, I could be an analyst. It’s easy to pull shit out of your ass.

  6. Steve Jobs already said at the iPhone introduction Macworld keynote, “We’re gong to start with a strong foundation. iPhone runs OS X. Why would we want to run such a sophisticated operating system on a mobile device? Well, because its got everything we need.” The iPhone has “desktop class applications”. We also know that Mac OS X Snow Leopard has been rebuilt and is more efficient and takes less drive space. Why? I believe it’s getting ready for mobile devices, not just iPhone, but other mobile devices down the road.

    I also think new mobile devices will be able to run iPhone apps (remember these are desktop class apps). What remains to be seen is will new mobile devices run full desktop apps as well, since in order to ensure the user has a great experience, the mobile device would need to have sufficient CPU under the hood (and a cooling system) and good battery life. It’s likely the new mobile device will be a hybrid between a macbook air and the iPhone/iPod touch… one great big iPhone. Two-way video conferencing on the new mobile device seems impractical, since (1) it would consume more CPU and hence, more battery life (2), depending on the position of the device, you’re looking up people’s noses during a video conference when holding the device in our hands and you’re looking downwards (or you would have to hold the device, or place in some sort of stand or dock in front of your face all the time), and (3) you would more likely be pointing the other camera facing away from you at objects of interest to show your buddy and would not be able to see your buddy’s face.

    It will be interesting to see the products that comes out in the months ahead. I do hope that Steve will be able to maintain good health.

  7. I have a thought! Why don’t we all stop trying to guess, and just see what Apple puts out. Let’s face it not everyone will be happy, but most of us will. What ever it ends up with will most likely blow your mind anyways. So sit back and shut the hell up!

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