Broadpoint.AmTech boosts Apple price target to $260, says Apple ‘remains best tech co. on planet’

Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac “Broadpoint.AmTech analyst Brian Marshall boosted his [Apple Inc. (AAPL)] target this morning to $260, from $235, repeating his Buy rating,” Eric Savitz reports for Barron’s.

Marshal “sees 11.3 million [iPhone] units in the quarter, above the Street at an estimated 8.8 million,” Savitz reports. “Marshall says the iPhone is now sold in about 90 countries, by more than 140 carriers.”

Savitz reports, “The analyst writes that Apple ‘remains the best technology company on the planet.'”

Full article here.


  1. “The analyst writes that Apple ‘remains the best technology company on the planet.'”

    And the sky is blue, the earth a sphere, a donkey an ass, etc., etc., etc.

    We’ve known all this for a very long time (actually, since his Steveness returned).

  2. We all marveled when Apple were selling 10MM+ iPods. Apple have maintained a 70% share in that market.

    Now they have raised the bar even further. They could easily sell 10-15MM iPhones in the next few quarters. Apple have successfully reproduced the iPod model of success – expanding the number of selling points (in this case countries). Plus they have a new advantage – the cell phone market is a lot larger than the MP3 player market. As a result, Apple could make huge gains in units sold and not even approach saturation.

  3. At around $222.05, AAPL will pass a market cap of $200 billion.

    I don’t even own any shares (sadly), but – after it maintains that for five sessions – I’m going to break open a decent bottle of malt whisky and then I’m going to send spirit messages out into the world.

    One of these will be aimed at a former mentor – who turned out to be a back-stabbing bastard – that told me I should stop pushing Apple as the Mac was “dead technology”.

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