Aussie cops employ Apple iPhones to catch illegal drivers

Apple Online Store“Idiot drivers are proving to be no match for new Tasmanian-designed technology in police cars and iPhones,” The Mercury reports.

“In the first eight minutes of the new system being turned on last week, a licence and registration check conducted while police were stopped at a traffic light in Hobart resulted in a significant drug bust,” The Mercury reports. “And as a police car sat at a service station filling up, one of the officers entered the details of another car in the driveway and found it was unregistered.”

“In just 10 days of operation 167 unregistered vehicles have been found and 107 disqualified or unregistered drivers caught,” The Mercury reports.

The iPhone’s “camera is able to take a picture of a vehicle and within seconds relay the information back to a database of unregistered vehicles and unlicensed and disqualified drivers,” The Mercury reports. “It cuts out the arduous task of officers having to contact Radio Dispatch Services to do the check for them. It also has the ability to search for outstanding warrants and other offenses. The display unit also tracks a police car’s movements, logs jobs for the officers and provides GPS navigation.”

The Mercury reports, “But the system is not limited to the police cars, with a purpose-built iPhone application able to give officers the same information on police-issued iPhones… Acting Commissioner Darren Hine said the technology was an invaluable tool.”

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  1. Then Maobama and friends will let them all off. Unless they are hard working successful business people. Then they will crucify them…… Thus US is doomed with this bunch of corrupt buffoons running things. At least I have my Apple products.

  2. @ShadowOfDoubt

    Next time you see an cop car at a 7/11, ask the officer he they had ever ran the license plate of the car in the same parking lot, even if no real suspicious overt “act” had been observed by the officer.

    One only has to watch the tv show cops to see that a patrol car can radio dispatch and run the license plate to see if registration of car is up to date and who the car is registered to and if there are any outstanding tickets or warrants for that person. If there are, the cop will pull them over.

  3. @ shadowofdoubt

    If the item being checked (such as license plate) is in plain sight (as it would be on a public road, car park, filling station etc) then there is no legal obstruction to checking it up. If the check reveals other information that requires a followup then probable cause is established and further searches/questions/arrests/etc can be carried out.

  4. The police department in Dayton, Ohio recently got license plate readers that mount on some of their cruisers. They automatically scan the plates of passing cars and feed the info into a database to check for any issues.

    Here is an article, and the second link has a video of how they work. The idea of video cameras on every corner kind of bothers me, but I’m all for this technology.

  5. Having worked in Australia, I can say that when it comes to checking many offences, particularly drunk driving, just driving is probable cause for testing.

    @ ShadowOfDoubt

    As others have said, this isn’t the USA. Rules are different . Cope with it!

  6. I for one despise the notion that the government randomly checks on it’s citizens to see if they may be violating the law. That is the beginning of total tyranny. With technology evolving there will be no privacy at all. No government can be trusted with such powers.

  7. @Larry:

    Uh, you think the Cheyney/Bush governments weren’t corrupt? I love the Republicans who say they want less government then proceed to spend their lives in government and have their pals make fortunes off gouging the government.

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