Woz talks tech, says ‘iPhone offers the most solutions for my life’ (with video)

Steve Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak discusses the technologies to look out for during the coming year with TheStreet.com’s James Rogers:

Direct link to video via TheStreet.com here.


  1. Love the Woz, think he’s a great guy but he needs something different to say and do these days.

    Perhaps he should start a gadget review article and get himself syndicated? Sounds like he’s into the reviewing thing; and it would be refreshing to see someone so stinted in technology come off with a ‘insiders; from the top’ perspective on these things without badmouthing the ‘other guy’. He does that well and often can constructively criticize his own products while searching for great things in all products; no matter who makes them.

  2. Wow, that was a distracting video. What was up with all of the cuts to iPhone commercials? And then the last cut to Windows 7? It’s like they said, “Crap, this is our 9th cut to Apple, lets throw in one random cut to MS to fake some balance.”

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