O2’s 3G network issues persist under iPhone strain in UK

Apple Online Store“The mobile phone network O2 has received thousands of complaints from frustrated iPhone customers who are unable to use their phones properly,” Kat Higgins reports for Sky News Online.

“Messages posted on social media website Twitter say customers have been unable to log on to the internet or use their applications on the Apple handsets for the third day running,” Higgins reports. “Many of the frustated O2 customers said they received a message saying “could not activate cellular data network” when they attempted to check emails or use another internet service.”

Higgins reports, “In a statement O2 told Sky News Online: “We are aware of an issue currently impacting data access for some of our customers. ‘We have identified a fault with the allocation of IP addresses and are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. We apologise to any affected customers.'”

Higgins reports, “O2 has had a number of outages over the past year – the problems are thought to be down to strain from the large amount of people using its network.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Quick, somebody blame AT&T.


  1. iPhone owners actually use them.

    Smartphone acceptance and app development is just starting, and more people will demand heavy, reliable access. All the carriers will have to build bigger, faster pipelines, including Verizon.

  2. Hmmm. This sounds like something the enemies of freedom and democracy would think up. Maybe Steve Jobs is an Al-Qaeda mole. I’m surprised some idiot blogger doesn’t post this theory and panic the herd on Wall Street.

  3. WHAT?!? You mean a vaunted, highly advanced, all-encompassing European 3G network can’t handle the iPhone traffic???? That acn’t possibly have happened; we all KNOW how much better European 3G networks are to our U.S. Can-and-string networks.

    What next, that the British health care system isn’t the free panacea that’s been reported?

  4. Please, somebody, alert those geniuses at Saturday Night Live to let ’em know it’s NOT the iPhone’s fault that you can’t make a call, OK? Fscktards. (And definitely not funny since Eddie Murphy left.)

  5. Working for me right now on O2 – bored in a hotel in Milton Keynes.

    But the Apple issue of resetting the Cellular Data URL address for PAYG ‘payandgo.o2.co.uk’ to the paid ‘idata.o2.co.uk’ needs to be fixed and fast.

  6. “Higgins reports, “O2 has had a number of outages over the past year – the problems are thought to be down to strain from the large amount of people using its network.””

    Those advocating Verizon, because of its “superior” network, should take note. Verizon’s network is slower than ATT’s GSM network, which means that data users will be online LONGER than ATT users, thereby adding additional congestion to an already inferior network. CDMA is designed for use as a VOICE network, and will absolutely collapse under the strain of iPhone data usage.

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