Apple iPhone use grows quickly outside U.S.

Holiday Apple Blowout IV“Half of all Apple iPhone use currently takes place in the U.S., but use abroad is growing more quickly, according to a new overview of the 2009 smartphone market by AdMob,” Michelle Maisto reports for eWeek.

“While half of all iPhone and iPod touch use takes place in the United States, use of these devices grew more quickly abroad this year than it did at home,” Maisto reports.

“‘Although the U.S. remains by far the largest market for Apple devices, we’ve seen faster growth of Apple user from outside the U.S,’ AdMob, which tracks user numbers and types of devices used via ad impressions, [AdMob] wrote in a Dec. 18 post on its blog. ‘In November, 50 percent of the unique iPhone and iPod touches that requested an AdMob ad were outside the U.S., compared to only 39 percent in January 2009.'”

“Worldwide in November, AdMob reports that Apple was the top manufacturer, with 38.4 percent of ad request coming from Apple devices. Nokia followed, with 16.3 percent of shares, and Samsung came in third, with 11.1 percent,” Maisto reports. “The iPhone OS also led requests, representing 54 percent worldwide. The Symbian OS followed, with 19 percent of requests, and with 16 percent, Android came in third, beating out Research In Motion’s OS, from which 6 percent of requests came.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jen for the heads up.]


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