Apple’s WWDC 2010, next-gen iPhone intro coming June 28-July 2?

Holiday Apple Blowout IV“A calendar listing for San Francisco’s Moscone Center has led to speculation that Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference will coincide with the three-year anniversary of the original iPhone’s launch,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“The Moscone Center Calendar lists a “Corporate Event” from June 28, 2010 through July 2, 2010 in the Moscone West hall,” Lane reports. “Previous Apple events have been reserved with the same title.”

“This year, WWDC 2009 ran June 8 through June 12. In previous years, the event has marked the introduction of new iPhone models,” Lane reports. “This June, Apple introduced the iPhone 3GS.”

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  1. The choice of dates makes it perfect timing this year: they do the keynote on Monday and announce availability on Friday, which is already July — already in September quarter (Apple’s Q4 for fiscal year).

  2. Yeah. I’f you’ve been paying attention you know when the next rev sill be.

    Strangely, there’s been very little talk about what people think will be in it, or should be in it. I get to upgrade this coming spring but will wait for the upgrade before I do. I know what the basic improvements will be, it’s too obvious. As for what else Apple has in store, I can’t imagine. I do expect better battery life, more RAM and front facing camera for iChat. those seems obvious to me.

  3. D U U H ! ! ! Ya think?

    They might also have something else on the program. The “news” that they are not going to announce a Tablet in 2010. The news that they are not going to put a quad-core in a laptop any time soon. The fact that they are going ahead with their “Cloud” efforts, just trying to avoid another “MobileMe” experience.

    The fact that Zune Tang is really Steve Jobs with a grin?

  4. @DLMeyer <- what he said.

    Though I’m seriously wanting a Kindle. I don’t know if I should wait on this Apple tablet or a color Kindle or what.

    I want an entire technical reference library on a thin slate in my backpack.

  5. Amazing. Apple has held WWDC in the summer for longer than 3 years, but now it’s “evidence” of a new iPhone model being released. While that’s a pretty good bet to happen, it’s pretty funny that a calendar listing morphs into a new iPhone rumor.

  6. 1- Ability with multiple calendars to change the color so it matches the colors in iCal on your Mac. I cannot believe Apple has not fixed this.
    On your Mac: Work calendar is black, home is green and kids are purple.
    On your iPhone: Work is red, home is orange and kids are blue.
    No way to change the colors on the iPhone.

    This is using the iCal Exchange ActiveSync with a Kerio server.

  7. bizlaw said: “Apple has held WWDC in the summer for longer than 3 years, but now it’s “evidence” of a new iPhone model being released.”. And, I gotta admit … it’s true. Which in no way negates the opinions posted here. For one thing, the iPhone seems, according to some, to need an update. At least, a <u>hardware</u> update. The software seems just fine, thanks. Even if some “features” seem among the missing. Apple has been consistent in announcing new iPhones in mid-summer. What’s in summer? WWDC.
    I am not one of those who believes this is a scheduling of an iPhone-centric event so much as an event that will include iPhone-related content. As well as “lots of other stuff”.

  8. this happens every summer…

    what we really wanted to know was… whens the Tablet comin.. and when’s it being previewed…

    let us see it in the spring, and let Devs ‘upgrade’ their iPhone apps for iTablet/iSlate compatibility over the next 6 months,

  9. If it’s going to be some six months before a new iPhone, then something’s not right. With all the other models in the world with wiz bang gizmos, shouldn’t someone at Cupertino be at least a little concerned that the one thing the iPhone has going for it is the impression (based on reality) that it’s better. If they wait until the globally warmed days of summer to bring out the next model, people will have begun to see iPhone in their rear view mirror as the devise that changed everything but left behind by phones that at least seem to do even more.

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