Apple’s iPhone grabs 46% share of Japanese smartphone market

Apple Online Store“Apple has claimed nearly half of the Japanese smartphone market in just over a year, Impress says. iPhone sales represent 46.1% of the entire market in 2009 and also claim the top two spots on the Japanese charts by a wide margin, with the older iPhone 3G still leading at 24.6% and the iPhone 3GS close behind at 21.5 percent,” Electronista reports.

“The two have had a devastating effect on domestic smartphone sales between 2008 and 2009,” Electronista reports. “The third-place rival, Sharp’s Windows Mobile-based Advanced W-ZERO3, had its market share cut in half to 14.6 percent this year. Willcom’s 03 also dropped from 8.3 percent to 6.8 percent, and the original W-ZERO3 had its share halved to 4.5 percent.”

Electronista reports, “Every other smartphone competitor had just a small fraction of the market.”

More info and a chart showing the full breakdown of Japanese smartphone market share here.

MacDailyNews Take: Eat crow, Wired.


  1. My 8th grader had a poll in their middle school about what the kids wanted for Christmas:

    1) iPhone
    2) iPod
    3) Laptop

    I asked her how many of her friends already had an iPhone: almost none. There is big market potential here.

  2. Wouldn’t you hate to be the employee standing near Steve Ballmer when he finds out about the iPhone real market share. So, Steve, what is the REAL market share of those Windows smart phones now? How are the other countries looking to you?

    And how are those Zune players doing? Ho Ho Ho!

  3. Since apparently the iPhone’s only smartphone competition in Japan is from Win Mobile, it’s actually more of a surprise that the iPhone isn’t at 80%!

    Must be because the Win Mobile phones have places to attach dangly thingies.

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