Verizon prepares for iPhone and the massive traffic Apple’s revolutionary device would bring

Apple Online Store“There’s no telling yet whether or when AT&T might lose its position as the sole U.S. carrier of the Apple iPhone,” Spencer E. Ante reports for BusinessWeek. “But in the event Apple opts to partner with other mobile-phone service providers, Verizon Wireless says it’s up to the task.”

“Verizon Wireless has even made upgrades that would make its network more capable of handling extra traffic that would be generated by the iPhone, Verizon Wireless Chief Technology Officer Anthony Melone says in an interview,” Ante reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, yeah? Did you replace your outlier CDMA with GSM, so at least we can talk and surf the Web at the same time like we can on AT&T?

Ante continues, “‘We have put things in place already,’ Melone tells Bloomberg BusinessWeek. ‘We are prepared to support that traffic.’ …Melone says his company’s equipment would do a better job catering to the heavy data demands of iPhone customers. ‘Absolutely, I think we could handle it,’ he says.”

“Melone didn’t address the prospect of landing a deal to carry the iPhone, though Verizon Wireless officials have in the past said they occasionally discuss partnerships with Apple executives,” Ante reports. “Earlier this year, the companies were considering releasing iPhone-like devices that would run on the Verizon Wireless network, people familiar with the matter said.”

Ante reports, “In fairness, the iPhone does seem to be imposing exceptional demands on AT&T. In the two years since the iPhone’s debut, data traffic on AT&T’s network has soared 5,000%. By contrast, Melone says Verizon’s traffic has also been growing rapidly but at a slower pace. When asked to specify the growth rate, Melone said that over the last three years Verizon’s traffic has grown as high as 1,000% year over year. But he declined to provide more details. Even so, Melone says the company is ready for the deluge should Verizon Wireless land a deal with Apple for the iPhone. ‘We will handle it if we ever get it,’ says Melone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s all very easy for Verizon to say before the fact and knowing that they’ll never have to face the full brunt of iPhone’s U.S. traffic demands as has AT&T Mobility.


  1. Yup, Verizon is ready alright. The number of their own getting the iPhone less the new ones would really spike them well past 1000 percent a year. They would get that in a two week period. Let us see how they are after two years. Oh, Blackberry will be hurting once Verizon start to sale the iPhone.

    I thinks!

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  2. Verizon: “‘We will handle it if we ever get it,’

    If as previously purported: “One device is a smaller, less expensive calling device described by a person who has seen it as an “iPhone lite.” The other is a media pad that would let users listen to music, view photos, and watch high-definition videos, the person says. It would place calls over a Wi-Fi connection.”

  3. Even if they were to somehow get Apple to forgive them for their recent trash talking, and get the iPhone on their network, they will never feel the full impact that ATT has as the first, exclusive carrier, to support it.

  4. “Melone says his company’s equipment would do a better job catering to the heavy data demands of iPhone customers. ‘Absolutely, I think we could handle it,’ he says.””

    ‘Absolutely, I think…’ boy that broods optimism in your “There’s a Map for That”! Nice job Verizon idiot!

  5. The stampede away from ATT would be massive if Verizon or any other carrier got the iPhone. ATT’s network is so pathetic that they are easily one of the worst carriers, ANYWHERE. Their recent blaming of iPhone customers for their network woes is simply unacceptable.

  6. A new channel card, like the one due at the beginning of the year solves the voice and data at the same time. It also increase capacity 4 fold. I would not be shocked to see them start installing them by march. That makes june just fine. That said, I’m doubting the opening up to verizon.

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