How can Apple improve their App Store for iPhone and iPod touch users?

Black Friday Apple Blowout - Part IIIWe’ve already discussed Apple’s iTunes App Store’s “Customer Reviews” issues here, but what else does Apple need to do to improve their App Store experience for iPhone and iPod touch users?

App discovery, search capabilities, layout, user interface, categories, etc. – what needs help and what is Apple doing well?

What would you change, fix, add and/or remove to make the iTunes App Store – the desktop and/or the mobile version – better?


  1. Personally I have pretty much given up on finding anything worth much in the app store. Search is terribly hard to navigate to find specific apps. Also need to be able to categorize by price. I would pay for apps that are worth it but can’t find much to purchase because of the frustration of wading through the thousands of screwball apps per broad category. Reviews are not really to helpful either. Normally I judge an app by download count. Weren’t there supposed to be many new “pro” apps that made use of the data port etc. If so I have failed to find anything. The whole process is just to overwhelming. The largest software store in the world and hard to find specific stuff of interest to buy.

  2. it is in serious need to have a better way to actually categorize the apps in it.
    the major categories are fine. those categories need to be further subdivided at least one more level, maybe two.
    its hard to believe a company that prides itself on user interface hasnt found a better way. the problem will approach critical mass as the apps continue to grow, and competitors have time to begin to offer their app stores.

  3. Niji: I think we’re there. I rely more on personal recommendations than hunting through thousands of apps.
    And no, I don’t hold any more sway than anyone else when it comes to this sort of thing. I wish.

  4. How about personalized most popular lists? Among the 1000 people who have the most apps on their phones in common with your phone (not purchased, but actually on the phone), what are the top 100 other apps those people have?

  5. Not really app store related, but I’ve stopped downloading apps as much as I used to since I’ve pretty much filled up all 11 screens on my iPod Touch.

    A lot of the apps are junk, but I still don’t want to get rid of some of them. I would rather file them under some junk-app folder.

    If the iPod Touch allowed folders, each of which opened up to reveal 11 or so additional screens for more app icons, then I would start downloading apps again. Also, it would make it easier to organize similar apps (ie. games / weather / new readers / etc..)

  6. I agree with all about the impossible to find something/anything. I have to admit, sometimes I just go to the app store to buy something/anything… just impulse buy. but I rarely buy anything because I find nothing.

    categorization could be something to improve for sure.

    what about this; does the 3Gs have a screen recorder? can you record what you’re doing on screen? that should be a feature if it’s not. that would allow developers a better preview of their apps than 5 still captures.

  7. Yeah, the search sucks right now, and the amount of information about the app once found is not very complete. The categories need expanding. Once on the iPhone/touch, the management interface, while improved, is still cumbersome. Trial usage for paid apps, please- even half an hour might be enough. I will not pay for something, even 99¢, if I can’t preview it in some way. Some way to ‘store’ apps visited or considered, especially since so many apps are so similar. All in all, it’s an issue dealing with the sheer size of the Store now.

  8. i think it would be awesome if review sites like toucharcade could keep their formal reviews on itunes, so you could go to itunes and read the toucharcade review (in a toucharcade section of the store) and make your decision there. that way, any web site that wanted to set up a review process could do so (and of course take a referral fee).

    in this way apple doesn’t have to guess what people want – if someone starts a successful review website for some specialty (say medical applications or fart apps) then it becomes an authority.

    im not really doing a good job of explaining my idea – but it’s dinner time and the cat needs a wash and the car needs to be put to bed, etc.

    MW: changes (ha!)

  9. App previews would be awsome. To be able to we what the app looks like before you buy it. Just like you can for click wheel games. That would be great. And also app refunds. So if u buy an app by accident, (which I’ve done before) u could refund it after a certain amount of time. Those are my top requests.

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