Can the copiers beat Apple?

Apple Online Store“Apple has some of the best selling computers in the market, it’s the No. 1 music distributor, it sells movies, TV shows, iPods and it’s changing the mobile space with the iPhone and App Store,” Jim Dalrymple writes for The Loop. “It’s also one of the most copied companies in the world, but can anyone beat them?”

“It’s almost funny to watch companies line up to put out products that mimic Apple’s look and functionality,” Dalrymple writes. “Apple puts out a new iPod and all of a sudden there are iPod clones all over the place.”

“It’s not just small companies looking to make their mark — big companies have resorted to blatantly ripping off Apple’s ideas,” Dalrymple writes. “One of the most obvious examples recently is the Microsoft Store.”

“Companies have copied the iMac design and have tried to mimic the functionality of the iPhone, but everyone is coming up short,” Dalrymple writes. “Nobody seems to be able to create that product that sets Apple back on its heals [sic], leaves it reeling from the pain of being outdone.”

Dalrymple writes, “I think there are a couple of reasons for this, which help explain why Apple will not be beat in the markets it competes in.”

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  1. “I think there are a couple of reasons for this, which help explain why Apple will not be beat in the markets it competes in.”

    Probably the best reason is that when better products come along Apple Fanboys slam them.

    Droid anyone?

  2. I was in a Best Buy last night (without a Mac section) and put all of their “all in ones” (HP and Dell) on the internet accessing the Apple Store’s iMac section. Sweet victory.
    By the way these computers are slow and ugly.

    Screens were up for about a half an hour before an associate noticed and turned them off. LOL

  3. @me

    The Droid is not equivalent to the iPhone. It’s pretty cool, and it’s the closest that anyone has come to imitating Apple’s design and features, but it still fall short in several areas. And, yes, I’ve actually used both.

    – The keyboard sucks. It’s better than the Palm’s, but that does not mean that it’s good.
    – The direction pad located next to the keyboard is worse than useless. It takes up valuable space, and works poorly.
    – It takes several more clicks to get to most of the features and applications than the iPhone.
    – The responsiveness of the touch screen varies wildly from minute to minute.
    – The four “hardware” buttons have obscure symbols on them, so you just have to try them to figure it out. You don’t need them all of the time, just often enough that it take a minute to remember which one you need. Oh, and they’re just “touch” spots on the bezel, and sometimes it takes a couple of pushes to work.
    – You have to pay attention to what you leave running in the background, otherwise an application can drain down your battery even if you’re not doing anything.

    These are just some of my observations so far. None of them are deal breakers, and if you’re stuck on Verizon’s network, it’s the closest thing that you’ll get to an iPhone. Apple still wins my vote hands down.

  4. In the software engineering world, there is a saying that the last 10% of the project takes 90% of the time. That last 10% is when you apply the polish. Apple takes the time to polish while others don’t.

  5. What Droid really needs is an Apple logo and a reassuringly expensive price tag.

    The simple fact is if it’s not from Apple you’re not going to like it, and if it’s better than an Apple product you’re going to hate it.

    Why do you think MDN spends so much time bashing every phone that’s been released since the Iphone.

  6. Have you ever looked closely at the copies? Boy are they awful. I saw an HP something-or-other last week at Best Buy. It looked very nice. Sharp looking screen, aluminum keyboard. I was impressed.
    Until I got up close.
    The keyboard was plastic and shoddy feeling. The screen was wobbly on its cheap stand. Yuk. Compared to my Apple hardware the thing was a nasty piece of junk. Same goes for the software…

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