Apple’s ‘Black Friday’ deals cut Mac prices 8%, but some resellers are already beating those deals

48 Hour Apple Sale“Apple will cut prices of its low-end iMac and MacBook Pro systems by 8% for a one-day-only sale on Friday, according to reports on the Web,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“Apple’s Friday prices, however, would still be higher than those currently posted by some authorized online resellers,” Keizer reports. “As first noted by Boy Genius Report, Apple’s ‘Black Friday’ specials will include the entry-level iMac and MacBook Pro models, both which will be priced at $1,098, an 8.4% reduction from the usual $1,199 price tag.”

“Apple will also discount the iPod Touch by approximately 10%, sell the Apple TV for 9% under list and promote Microsoft’s Office 2008 for Mac Home and Student with a $98 deal,” Keizer reports. “Although Apple has announced it will offer online-only deals on Friday, the company has not spelled out prices.”

“But several online sellers have already dropped the prices for some Macs — in some cases, below that of the reported Apple discounts,” Keizer reports. “MacMall, for instance, currently lists both the low-end 22.5-in. iMac and the 2.26GHz 13-in. MacBook Pro for $1,094.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. MacMall’s sale ends Tuesday just before midnight Pacific.”

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  1. Just purchased a 27″ quad core iMac a few days ago. I called Apple Customer Service to confirm if there’s a price drop on Friday that I’m entitled to a price adjustment.

    I was advised that they do NOT honor their 14 day price protection policy for sale prices, including the rumored Black Friday one day sale. They stated that this guarantee only applies to permanent price reductions.

  2. that is a custom item. so you’ll have to order it online and likely have to order from Apple.

    it is the i5 that is in stores.

    also, many sales will happen with Apple due to the new rule that you can only get their One to One training thing through them (and at time of computer purchase). No more buying the computer wherever and then buying the training. many computers right now are gifts so the classes and stuff are an expected add on.

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