Microsoft’s Ozzie: Uh, mobile apps aren’t important

MacMall 96 Hour Apple Sale“Mobile apps aren’t an important factor in the success of a smartphone platform, Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie claimed today,” Electronista reports.

“Interviewed at the company’s Professional Developer Conference, the veteran developer tried to downplay apps as a lure and insisted that ‘all the apps that count’ will be available on every smartphone as the time to write and port code is much shorter than on the desktop,” Electronista reports. “Ozzie instead implied that it was the OS itself and its built-in features that would make the difference.”

MacDailyNews Take: So, even if he’s right, which he isn’t, the hopelessly outclassed Microsoft loses in those categories, too.

Electornista continues, “The comments are considered by attendees and critics to be a spin downplaying Windows Mobile’s weaknesses.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft had its giant, bloated ass handed to it by Apple quite some time ago. Ozzie and Co. are obviously still having difficulty seeing anything but ass even today. Maybe that explains their product lineup.


  1. ” … all the apps that count will be available …”

    This makes perfect sense. But let me choose the Apps. There are 128 apps on my iPhone right now. Just get rid of of the other 99,872. Those don’t count.

  2. Tell that to anyone who’s found a few truly useful but “niche” apps…pretty much anyone who has an iPhone. What delusions and lies!

    I bet all the “rolled eyes” in the room nearly caused the building to turn on its side when he said it. You’re not fooling anyone, dude.

  3. Yeah. All the apps that count will be on every smartphone, because all smartphones have the same hardware and they all have the same development costs. Oh, and they all have the same sized customer base.

    And everybody knows the reason people buy iPhones is because they love the OS so much. The apps have nothing to do with it. I mean, when you use a computer or a smartphone or whatever the thing you do the most is just play around with the operating system, right? You don’t spend your time RUNNING APPLICATIONS or anything! That’d be ridiculous.

    …I wonder if Ray Ozzie is aware that he’s spouting utter bullshit, or if he’s so clueless he actually believes it? I’m inclined to say he actually believes it. Can anybody take one look at Windows and tell me with a straight face that Microsoft’s chief software architect ISN’T a braindamaged clown?

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