Apple’s Black Friday specials leaked?

12 Black Fridays of the SeasonThe Boy Genius Report has what’s claimed to be an Apple email graphic detailing 2009’s Black Friday (Nov. 27th) deals. According to the report, Apple will be emailing the info to customers shortly.

According to the email graphic, Apple will be offering the following Black Friday deals:

• Up to 30% off on all iPods (except iPhone and iPod shuffle)
• Up to 25% off all Macs
• Up to 15% off all accessories, Apple software and hardware.

If true, the deals are applicable on Friday, November 27th only. Select Apple retail stores will open at 6am on that day.

Full article here.


  1. You make discounts that big when you want to get rid of old stock which isn’t moving or when you really need the money. This isn’t the case with Apple and if they’re going to offer discounts that big then they would have to be confident of massive sales increases just to make the same money they normally would.

  2. Why did MDN bother with this? That’s nowhere close to looking like something Apple would produce, and it’s too far outside the realm of what Apple does with their Black Friday specials to be taken seriously.

  3. Much though I’m as sceptical as everyone else about this, bear in mind it does say up to 25 or 30% off, implying that there would probably be very few circumstances where you’d actually get those percentages…

  4. Apple employees get a once-a-year 25% employee discount to buy a Mac … I can’t imagine they would heavily discount the product for Black Friday. I would bet that the discount would be more like 10%.
    Apple knows it doesn’t need to give the products away for people to buy them.

  5. I know Apple said it was going to narrow some of the margins on the product line, this year, but these quoted discounts seem to be no more than wishful thinking.
    But I can affirm that Apple has followed through with higher dollar-value deals, . . . as I am typing this on my new i7 Bluetooth keyboard. I hardly know how to type in silence, after seven years of Windtunnel experience.

    @ solid
    I don’t think the anus is the birthing orifice.

  6. By now most everyone is familiar with the term Black Friday 2009, the big shopping day right after Thanksgiving Day. Retail store, including Walmart, open their doors early and lure shoppers in with incredible bargains on certain merchandise. Like others on Thanksgiving Day, Walmart limits these sales to just a few hours, but the items are usually gone well before the deadline.

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