Beleaguered Motorola’s lukewarm Droid splashdown may have tossed beleaguered Palm out of the pool

“Motorola Droid’s lukewarm splashdown in the smartphone market may have caused only ripples at rivals Apple and Research In Motion, but it may have tossed Palm (PALM Quote) out of the pool,” Scott Moritz reports for

“Motorola’s Droid, the big touch-screen phone that made its closely watched sales debut at Verizon stores earlier this month, arrived to a mixed reception. It was quickly apparent that the $200 device, powered by Google Android technology, wasn’t going to immediately — or possibly ever — knock the iPhone off its pedestal,” Moritz reports.

MacDailyNews Take: That much was obvious regardless of what Motorola produced.

Moritz continues, “Droid is many things, but it isn’t a blockbuster… But the Pre phone at Sprint started with less than a bang and has been nothing but a whimper since. The Droid’s arrival has effectively crowded Palm out of market. And whatever the Droid didn’t accomplish, Pre’s price cuts and the cheaper Pixi phone will.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yup, in this headline, you get two, count ’em, two “beleaguereds” for the price of one; just like BlackBerries at Verizon.


  1. I think the droid looks like a nice phone. It’s no iPhone killer, but it does seem nice.

    And Bill, don’t bother asking MDN to stop with the beleaguing, it’s like a trademark…

  2. the PRE on verizon would outsell the DROID. The PRE is a lot more consumer friendly and pocket friendly. It is much easier to learn. It’s no iPhone, but it is def. closer than the droid.

  3. “Yup, in this headline, you get two, count ’em, two “beleaguereds” for the price of one….”

    Try to work in a “befuddled” sometime–it’s a great word too (and under-used).

  4. “Beleaguered” has a special meaning for those of us who have followed Apple for longer than we care to admit. Before the return of Steve Jobs, EVERY article in the tech press referred to Apple as “beleaguered”. It got really tired to see.

    Now that the shoe is on several other feet, it NEVER gets old to have “beleaguered” used to refer to other companies who were circling like vultures ready to gloat at the demise of Apple. (Keep up the good work MDN!)

    Kind of like S.I.D.A.G.T.M.B.T.T.S. popping up whenever Dull™ announces another factory closing. Priceless.

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