Orange sets new UK sales record: 30,000 Apple iPhones on first day

Apple Online Store “Orange sold more than 30,000 iPhones within hours of becoming the first network to break O2’s two-year exclusive grip on the Apple handset in the UK,” Richard Wray reports for The Guardian.

“The mobile phone company, which lost out to O2 on the original deal at the last minute, reckons the level of sales reached by 4pm is a new first-day record for a British mobile phone launch,” Wray reports.

“Rather than focus on price Orange is basing its attempt to lure customers onto its network on the promise that it has better coverage than any of its rivals. In fact there is hardly any difference between the cost of the iPhone on Orange and the existing cost of the device with O2,” Wray reports.

“Vodafone will also be selling the device in the UK, but not until the start of next year. Speaking after the company’s first-half results on Tuesday, however, Vodafone’s chief executive Vittorio Colao refused to say whether the business will undercut its rivals in the race to attract British iPhone users,” Wray reports. “‘You don’t expect me to tell you two months in advance what we will do in the UK,’ he said. ‘The only thing I can tell you is if Orange customers are unhappy they can go into red shops.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dominic” and “James W.” for the heads up.]

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “—” for the heads up.]


  1. @PreDrag

    I too have to doubt that it will take so long to reclaim the subsidy for an iPhone. Remember that an iPhone bill includes the data fee. That’s an additional $30 a month. Built into that fee will be the partial cost for the iPhone.

    Also remember that Apple products instil loyalty to the brand. Most people don’t change their phone after 2 years especially a high end phone like the iPhone because the upfront payment still adds up. I had to fork out ~$700 for 2 iPhones and all the additional charges. Unless I have a compelling reason to switch then I won’t. Lower fees, better tech or issues with the service would be the only reasons for me.

    Overall we are paying ~$150 per month. Over 2 years that is $3600. $800 is 22% of the total.

    Competition for iPhone customers will be high. ATT will definitely not put themselves in a losing situation if an second vendor appears.

    Unlike EUR, ATT is in a good situation in that few companies use GSM in the States. They can sit on their monopoly for a while longer. Hopefully the success of the iPhone will drive US mobile operators to use a unified system. I for one think the FCC should insist on that to speed up mobile development.

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