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“Of all the pithy, pointed, and quotable sentences uttered about Steve Jobs during his three decades on the national scene, my favorite comes from an early Apple colleague: ‘He would have made an excellent king of France.’ Except even Louis XIV would envy the quantity of words spilled by two generations of journalists trying to tell us what King Steve is really like,” Daniel Okrent reports for Fortune.

“I’ll confess: I didn’t read every page of the 21 Jobs-related books stacked so thickly on my desk that there’s barely room left for my 24-inch, 2.93GHz iMac, my 120GB iPod, my iPhone G3, or my backup Mac Mini,” Okrent reports. “(I’ve taken a pass on the Apple TV, which seems about as necessary as a backache.)”

MacDailyNews Take: Your loss, Danny Boy, your loss.

Okrent continues, “Time was a problem, of course, but there was also what I call the Moritz factor: Page 177 in one Apple (AAPL) book is likely to be a rewrite of page 252 in another, which reformulates something from page 96 in yet another, which was originally found in ‘The Little Kingdom,’ by journalist Michael Moritz. Like, for instance, the king of France line, which has spread through the Jobs literature like a viral video on YouTube.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. a) Jobs will never do an autobiography
    b) I’ll assume you know all autobiographies are written by the Subject
    c) If Jobs ever did write his own book, which he won’t, don’t you think he’s the kind of guy that would totally lie about his life, make stuff up, and make himself look like the hero and the victim on every page. Why would you want to read that?

    My old boss was just like SJ. 99% of what he says is self-serving bullshit.

    My old boss, however, was not a visionary. Also not a billionaire.

  2. As for the TV, maybe Daniel Okrent doesn’t

    1) watch much TV, and/or

    2) hasn’t seen the need for the expense of going to HDTV.

    Both are reasons why I don’t have an TV either.

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