First look: Apple’s new iPod touch-based EasyPay checkout handhelds

“Within two weeks, Apple stores will begin retiring their current Windows CE-based portable computers and start using a custom-designed and crafted iPod touch to check out customers,” ifoAppleStore’s Gary Allen reports for AppleInsider.

“Those who have seen the system for processing credit card, debit card and cash purchases, dubbed “EasyPay touch,” said it combines iPod touch features with a magnetic stripe reader, advanced barcode scanner and Apple-written software to speed plastic and cash transactions,” Allen reports.

“Perhaps more significantly, the change to an iPod touch and Apple software will bring the entire point-of-sale (POS) system under Apple’s control. In addition, the system will have the added benefit of advertising the usefulness of the iPod touch to customers who see it being used right in front of them,” Allen reports.

“Employees at the two just-opened Microsoft retail stores also use a portable POS computer made by Samsung, with an attached card reader and a separate barcode scanner. The Microsoft solution is about four times larger than an iPod touch and weighs five times as much,” Allen reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft has a lot of bloated POS hardware and software in use in their Apple Store knockoffs. And, in Microsoft’s case, POS certainly doesn’t stand for “point of sale.”

More info and photos in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Lively discussion over at appleinsider. Non-US people notice the lack of a chip reader. Many stores throughout EU no longer accept swipes if a card has a chip. For those, the device won’t work.

    I’m sure Apple (and its hardware partner) has a chip reader in the pipeline, as soon as issues are worked out of this one, and software version is past 1.1 or so.

    This will finally allow to completely cleanse their retail operations of MS products.

  2. I hope it has better battery life than a “real iPod touch!

    @Horetia: have you seen the crappy WinCE POS units that are used in the Apple Store now? Ugly AND garbage!

  3. But what about payment with the credit cards using the EMV international protocol (IC Cards or “chips card”) in Apple Stores outside USA using that special iPod touch?

    Indeed employees in those Apple Stores newly implemented outside USA (in Canada,, some countries in Europe, ) cannot use this special iPod Touch because of his antic magnetic payment procedure. Apple should be compliant with the EMV new international procedures of credit cards autorisation if that iPod Touch is introduced in the Apples Stores of thoses countries.

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