There’s a lawsuit for that: AT&T sues Verizon over misleading wireless coverage ads

“AT&T Inc. took offense to Verizon Wireless’s latest advertising campaign, claiming in a lawsuit filed Tuesday that the commercials falsely suggest the wireless carrier has coverage gaps,” Roger Cheng reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Verizon Wireless, which is jointly owned by Verizon Communications Inc. and Vodafone Group Plc, has jumped on mounting criticism of AT&T’s coverage and its ability to handle the Apple Inc. iPhone with its recent commercials, which target AT&T’s high-speed third-generation, or 3G, network,” Cheng reports.

“The ‘There’s A Map For That’ commercials mock Apple’s own ‘There’s An App For That,’ television spots, which tout the thousands of programs found on its smart phone,” Cheng reports. “But in a lawsuit, AT&T said the Verizon commercials mislead consumers about the scope of its coverage by using maps with large amounts of blank space, which represents the carrier’s 3G coverage. AT&T contends the map suggests that the blank spots indicate the complete lack of coverage, and not just 3G. The company added that it had complained to Verizon Wireless, and minor changes had been made to the spots.”

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  1. It’s only subconsciously misleading, which is why they’re so brilliant.

    Verizon states very clearly, with both on screen text and the commercial voice over, that they’re specifically referencing 3G coverage. So I don’t see what legal basis ATT has to stand on since Verizon made sure to cover their asses.

    But subconsciously, the viewer sees those maps with the red rash choking America to death and can’t help but think of how superior Verizon’s network is altogether, both voice and 3G data. That’s why ATT is so scared of the commercials. Bravo to Verizon, they obviously hit the mark with this one. If ATT doesn’t like it then they need to fill in their map and quit bitching.

  2. I can see the pre-trial deliberations now. All the AT&T;attorneys have iPhones. All the Verizon lawyers have Blackberries.

    Verizon lawyer: Can…um… can I look at, just for a sec?

    AT&T;lawyer: No.

  3. Good luck, AT&T–I think you’ll need it.

    The ad clearly states 3G coverage. The voice-over clearly states 3G coverage. And the reality is that, if you want 3G coverage, you won’t get it in those areas, just like the ad says. I don’t think there’s anything misleading about it, so showing those areas as empty is perfectly legitimate. The fact that you could EDGE instead of 3G in the other areas is neither here nor there.

    That said, I live in one of those nice blue areas and have had no complaints with AT&T’s service.

  4. Fools, let me repeat, only FOOLS believe commerials without checking out the INFORMATION!

    Dumbass retards!

    Verizon: Hey, can I call you back? I have to check out the website. Since I do not have the iPhone that allows me to talk and surf the Internet on my crappy Verizon Droid phone at the SAME DAMN TIME!

  5. Yes, Bravo to Verizon for blowing the iPhone deal in the first place. Now that they are bleeding high end customers, the are getting desperate. I was with Verizon for 5 years, AT&T;since the iPhone has come out and have had a great experience with AT&T;.

  6. I think on the Verizon network they uses the older system where you can only talk or surf the Internet.

    ATT uses the newer system that allows you to do both- talk and surf at 3G.

    I suppose it is a trade off at the moment, at lest untill ATT continues to roll out there newer system and Verzion begins to add small market coverage with there matching system.

    Verizon will have poor Gsm coverage when they start to roll out in 2011. ATT will have the superior GSM system then.

  7. @ SamLowry

    CDMA works great where I am. Which is Colorado. It also works great in Nebraska, Iowa, California, Kansas, South Dakota, Florida, Arkansas, Georgia…should I go on?

    And maybe I just suck at multi-tasking, but I have never had a need to talk on my cell and surf the net or text at the same time.

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