Apple updates iTunes Store terms, references Apple TV 3.0

“Apple has updated the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions to reference a forthcoming 3.0 software update for the Apple TV, which will allow viewing of iTunes LP and iTunes Extras content,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The new paragraph under the ‘iTUNES LP AND iTUNES EXTRAS’ section references an update to Apple’s set-top box hobby: ‘iTunes LP and iTunes Extras Products are usable only on computers with iTunes 9 or higher and Apple TV with software version 3.0 or higher,'” Hughes reports.

“The new iTunes LP format, which debuted in September, is designed to encourage sales of full-length albums,” Hughes reports. “The new format comes with additional content such as photos, videos and other bonus material. The iTunes LP format was joined by iTunes Extras, which delivers bonus materials for movies, much like are traditionally found on DVDs.”

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  1. iTunes can be really, really annoying.

    About a week ago I lost my wallet. So as you would expect, I disabled all my credit cards including my debit card. Well in the meantime, iTunes (via the iPhone) won’t allow me to download FREE updates to existing apps without a valid credit card. I could see if I was trying to buy something but these are FREE updates to apps I’ve already paid for, and FREE updates to FREE apps. In addition they won’t even let you download new FREE apps.

  2. Since I’m one of those luddites that still wants to buy my music and movies on the highest quality formats (CD and Blu-ray) and own something physical, I don’t buy anything but apps from the iTunes store. But, I sure would love to see YouTube HD, and possibly integrating some other services like Vimeo, Hulu, Fancast, etc. Yes, I realize it’s not just Apple, but up to the content owners and providers, but make it happen! Make the AppleTV the next iPod – the thing that everybody HAS to have!

    Go, Apple! Keep making the AppleTV even better!

  3. iTunes Movies, TV Shows and Video are in most cases better Quality then Standard Definition DVD’s and even Upscaled Standard Definition DVD’s. While the HD content is not Blu-Ray quality yet most people that rushed out and purchased HD TV’s have never seen HD content on their HD TV. Blu-Ray sales have not outpaced Standard DVD sales or Rentals and Blu-Ray Player sales are lagging still. This holiday season is not likely to change that nor is it likely to do much to boost the Blu-Ray Player sales or even HD TV sales.

    On-line content deliver is for all purposes is the next content delivery system. As people start to replace their old DVD players they will be moving to on-line content delivery skipping Blu-Ray entirely. In effect Blu-Ray is the new Beta Format. The Mass public does not give a flying F*CK about the quality of the video so, all it will take is an advertising flood that the Apple TV is the new format for content delivery and it will be all over. Apple can afford to set quietly by at present and build the iTunes Video Library to appeal to the mass market because Apple is closely watching the timing just as the VHS creators watch Sony with Beta Max and just like Apple did with the iPod. When the time is right and they are ready the Apple TV Blitz will happen and Apple will be in the take no prisoners mode.

  4. I agree with you that online and digital distribution of media is the ultimate goal, but the next stop gap product is Blu-ray. I disagree that this holiday season will not see an uptick in Blu-ray player and movie sales. You can buy a Blu-ray player at Walmart for less than $200 now and with some aggressive pricing form these manufacturers that price can only get more affordable. The biggest thing holding back Blu-ray is the cost of the disc itself. If a standard DVD is “good enough” in quality and download movies are “good enough” in quality, then why should I pay $30.00 for a Blu-ray disc when I will only see a major difference in quality on a 42 inch HD set or better? Again, aggressive pricing of Blu-ray discs this holiday season will drive sales as more Blu-ray players are sold.

  5. I sure hope the new album format won’t go the same way as the awkward packaging of DVDs.

    Indeed, how much time does one spend on skipping over the inital trailers, usually unwanted material, especially when viewing a DVD again (when all one is interested in is the movie itself).

    But knowing Apple, its software will have a decent GUI, which isn’t at all true for most turnkey DVD players (and they’re sloooooooow)

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