NBA app brings live games to U.S. iPhones for $39.99 per year

With their new NBA League Pass Mobile (US$39.99 per year) app, “The National Basketball Association will give its digital offering the full court press, introducing complete live games on mobile phones, including Apple Inc’s iPhone,” Ben Klayman reports for Reuters.

“The NBA package allows fans to watch more than 40 live games each week. It also offers digital video recording technology to pause and rewind 30 seconds of action and access to up to two days of archived games. Users also will be able to get game statistics while watching the action,” Klayman reports. “Like the TV and Internet packages, locally broadcast games will be blocked for users in their markets, as well as nationally televised games.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: All live, replay and highlight videos are available via Wi-Fi and 3G. Users can watch full game replays for up to 48 hours after the game (blackout restrictions do apply).

More info and download link via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

MacDailyNews Take: While Major League Baseball is way, way out front in terms of iPhone apps, it’s nice to see that other sports leagues are trying to catch up.


  1. That’s true MDN but, unlike Major League Baseball, you won’t fall asleep and drop your iPhone while watching games from those other leagues (unless we’re talking about soccer which is the ultimate sleep inducer).

  2. @Eric
    I totally agree with you. What is the reason that Apple can approve this video app over 3G, but the slingbox app is restricted to Wi-Fi only. Maybe the FCC needs to get involved.

  3. Curious take, MDN, asserting that MBA is “way, way out front in terms of iPhone apps.”

    Awkward grammatical constructions aside, if you were to actually check, I think you’d find that “NBA Game Time 2009-10” is ahead of “ at Bat 2009” in the Sports category of the App Store. NBA is #2; MLB is #3. Among the Top 100 Paid Apps, NBA is #49; MBA is a no-show.

    Apple’s helping this dynamic with their two current basketball features: BASKETBALL App Store Essentials and an NBA apps page.

    Just sayin’. But it’s nice that you’re big baseball fans. Good on ya.

  4. I use the Slingplayer app and I subscribed to the NBA broadband package last year on my Mac for $78 so this interests me. I’m thinking that the reason why this app is allowed over 3G is because it’s limited to games, and not your whole cable feed.

  5. Only the dollar-sucking NBA would think blacking out locally broadcast, sold-out games on the iPhone makes sense.

    Most users would buy this app so they could watch their local teams. If the local team is on TV, I suspect most users will watch the game on tube rather than on the small iPhone screen.

    Bottom line, with no blackouts I’d probably drop $40 for this app so I could watch my team when I’m not at home. But with blackouts: FU NBA.

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