Telus to start selling Apple iPhone in Canada on November 5

Apple Store Canada“Telus Corp., Canada’s second largest telecom carrier, has officially announced the launch date and pricing of Apple’s iPhone (3G and 3GS). The company will commence selling the highly popular device on Nov 5, 2009. Moreover, Telus will also unveil its new HSPA (high speed packet access) based 3G wireless networks on the same day to support the iPhone launch,” Zacks Equity Research reports via Yahoo Finance.

“Telus will sell iPhone 3G (8GB) for $99.99 [CDN] with a 3-year contract and for $599.99 without any contract. The company has priced iPhone 3GS (16 GB) at $199.99 with a 3-year contract and $699.99 without contract. The 32 GB version of iPhone 3GS will be sold for $299.99 (with contract) and $799.99 (without contract),” Zacks reports.

“To upgrade its CDMA network to high-speed HSPA, Telus has collaborated with its peer Bell Canada, subsidiary of incumbent Canadian telecom carrier BCE Inc. The upcoming 3G HSPA network will deliver peak downlink speeds of up to 21 megabits per second (Mbps), addressing 93% of the Canadian population,” Zacks reports. “Bell Canada, which will also market the iPhone in Canada, is yet to announce a specific launch date.”

Zacks reports, “iPhone represents a major opportunity for Telus to boost the performance of its wireless business as the company is experiencing declines in wireless ARPU (average revenue per user) and new subscriber additions. Service deactivations by customers have increased in the last quarter due to the weak economic conditions. iPhones have a greater contribution to ARPU than regular handsets, which will foster wireless revenue growth. The device will offer a substantial opportunity to Telus to boost its market share through improved customer retention.”

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  1. Telus iPhone service is NOT available in Saskatchewan or Manitoba on launch date. I got an email from Telus telling me this a few days ago.

    So Rogers is still the only option in these provinces.

  2. Anybody that expected a significant difference re Rogers vs Telus, has been living in la-la land.

    It hasn’t happened anywhere in the world, why would anybody expect differently in Canada?

  3. The prices listed come with the following conditions:

    “Pricing available to clients (new and renewal) who activate on a 3 year term with a Smartphone voice and data rate plan of $50 or greater.”

    As per their Smartphone voice and data rate plans:

    You do get unlimited data for ONE month, afterwhich: “Device usage beyond the 500 MB/month will be charged at $0.05/MB. Data used while roaming in the U.S. is charged at $3/MB. Any usage incurred through a laptop/computer will be charged at $8/MB. Cannot be combined with any other data plan. BlackBerry® Messenger on BlackBerry® smartphones only. Video streaming is available on select handsets only and available in Wireless High Speed 3G and PCS and 1X digital coverage areas. Video streaming is available to select mobile sites; please visit for a current list of supported sites. Video streaming includes selected TELUS video on demand content only. Premium content will be charged in addition to any monthly subscription. Clients will be notified of these additional charges upon selecting premium content to view.”

    Don’t expect the Data plan re the iPhone will be, if at all, any different.

  4. I would like to meet a person who decides to buy a contract-free iPhone for $800 (Canadian, which is around $720 US). I mean, they are still going to pay the same monthly voice/data plan. So, instead of letting part of that plan subsidise the phone, they will just pay the full price of the phone and give that subsidy money back to the carrier, right? It’s not like you are buying a fully unlocked phone, right? You’re still stuck on the same carrier; you just don’t have to be with them for the next three years (but where else would you go?)

  5. FYI, with a typical $80/mo pkg — on THREE years — you’ll pay just short of an extra 1000 bucks for an iPhone in Canada.

    Rogers;Fido;Telus; Bell, “Why compete? Our customers are Canadians.” ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  6. I’m hoping at some point in the future when all the ‘I gotta be first’, ‘I need a smartphone ‘cuz I can’t STFU’, and all the ‘know-nothing tech’ dildos have got their iPhones, that sales totally level off.

    Then, maybe the Canadian Cell Phone Cartel will realize that they are douchebags, and will ‘need to do something’ to promote further iPhone sales.

    Nothing. Nothing, would make me happier than to see Apple deny ALL future Gen iPhones to ANY carrier that have three year iPhone contracts.

    Now, that these jackholes have got a taste of the iPhone sales. Let’s see them fscking squirm.

    Trust me. They’ll blink before Steve does.

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