So, Apple, where’s my Magic Mouse?!

“Good news for impatient Mac-fanatics: As a stopgap solution, Apple yesterday made a Magic Mouse software update available for free download, for Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5.8) and Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.1),” Al Sacco treports for IDG News Service. “The not-so-good news: You still can’t buy a Magic Mouse separately in an Apple retail store and the online Apple store says only “Ships: 5-7 business days.” That shipping estimate hasn’t changed since Apple first posted the Magic Mouse page on October 20.”

Sacco reports, “Apple’s Magic Mouse press release says the mouse will be ‘available at the end of October’ for $69.99, so the company still has a few more days to make good on its word. But it seems strange that the software update would be available without the corresponding product. You’d think Apple would’ve stocked its stores with mountains of Magic Mouse units, so it could begin peddling them as soon as humanly possible.”

“I understand that announcing a product and then giving the public some time to digest the news and build up some demand could be part of Apple’s sales strategy–and, if that’s the case, I guess it’s working because I’m basically writing a story about how anxious I am to buy a mouse,” Sacco writes. “But I’m frustrated and tired of talking to Apple “Geniuses” who can’t answer my simple availability questions. You can bet I’m not alone in that regard. And that’s just not good business.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Our Magic Mouse order status report currently states: “Ships: 5 – 7 business days; Delivers: Oct 28 – Nov 3.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Hey, Al Saccoshit.

    Apple doesn’t give advanced info on delivery dates to its retail employees, so instead of using quotes derisively when referring to Mac Genii simply because the tech support people don’t know about inventory details, why don’t you at least ask a store manager or someone in Corporate in Cupertino.

  2. Another incredibly valid reason to switch to an ordinary PC. They don’t have cool things like a Magic Mouse, so you will never go through this kind of anxiety again. Nor will you need to deal with the low-down lying scoundrels at Apple. However, before you crossover, maybe a nice class action lawsuit would be appropriate?

  3. I was just charged for mine today (Oct 28) So it seems Apple is going to ship soon, I had placed the order on My credit card the day it was announced (Oct 20).

    Apple never charges a credit card until a product is Shipping that day.

    Check you Bank Folks, if you placed it on a Credit Card, & If you see the Charge today, then it is a Matter of waiting for the Delivery in the next few day’s.

    Mine also say’s Prepared for Shipment.


  4. @MDN,

    In the future please consider giving us a notice when article writers do not allow comments. Most of these dumb articles make me want to comment back to them directly (or to their article site). However, if they are not set up to handle comments….. I see no reason to go read them.

    Just a thought.

  5. Every time a student, colleague or even clients get their backs up with issues like the author raises, I ask them,

    “How many times did your mother ask you when are you taking out the garbage and you couldn’t answer her truthfully as well?”

  6. Why would anyone expect Geniuses and other store employees to know anything? They have to fix/sell computers all day, they don’t have time to hang out on forums, and most of them aren’t inventory managers.

    Ask them about the products they actually have for sale and you’ll usually get better results.

  7. Hmm… When I was at the Apple retail store near me a day or so after the new iMacs went on sale, multiple computers were having an issue with the Magic Mouse- it wasn’t recognizing advanced finger gestures… Could that have something to do with the delay in shipping the mice?

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