Psystar expands into selling ‘Mac clone’ software (Rebel EFI)

Apple Online Store“Psystar, the clone company Apple is suing for selling generic hardware with the Mac OS pre-installed, is expanding its business to include selling software that will allow anyone to install Apple’s operating system,” Jim Dalrymple reports for CNET.

“Psystar said on Thursday that its Rebel EFI suite is available for download from its Web site. The software will allow anyone to install any modern operating system on their computer, including Apple’s Mac OS X Snow Leopard,” Dalrymple reports. “Psystar said after downloading the software, users just need to burn it to a CD and follow the onscreen instructions. The full version of the Rebel EFI suite, removing any hardware limitations, costs US$49.99.”

Dalrymple reports, “Psystar is best known for selling clone computers and being sued by Apple for copyright infringement. A trial date has been set for January 11, 2010.”

More info in the full article here.


  1. This is awesome. I’m going to partition my Macbook Pro hard drive, install Windows 7 with Boot Camp, then install the Psystar cloning software so I can run Snow Leopard!


  2. Interesting development… Why sell the cut rate computer when you can sell the enabling jailbreak, instead?

    I can’t see PsyStar being profitable. So the fact that the company is still around after extended legal action and a brush with bankruptcy (a legal ploy?) and continues to play cat and mouse with Apple indicates to me that there is an opportunistic backer or backers. Someone is utilizing this company to harass Apple. Hopefully the perpetrator(s) will eventually be revealed.

  3. Someone with deep pockets in the background is probably backing this in order to attack and destroy Apple’s business model…

    They appear to be hellbent on harrassing Apple and pushing the attack forward at any cost… even at a cost to themselves.

  4. Messrs. Pedraza (Rudy and his brother) are more likely just living with their parents, on their retirement (this is Florida, after all). The legal battle is being fought by their legal firm, which is currently working on the percentage of any awards they misguidedly expect to win. In other words, brothers Pedraza aren’t really incurring any expenses. Their company may be ready for bankruptcy, not paying any creditors, but the two of them have no personal obligations or debt.

    While I also suspect there are some bigger interests (if not big pockets) behind this operation, there is still a great chance that the IT world is just watching this entertaining saga, while the two dimwits go with the flow, sustained by some opportunistic lawyers.

  5. This just HAS to be Michael Dell, he’s the ONLY one I know of that has publicly ridiculed Apple. He’s probably just bent because Steve Jobs was right after all…

  6. @ KingMel,

    I agree with you. This move exposes their ulterior motive.

    @ MidWest Mac,

    I think that cloning it and giving it away would be just what Psystar wants.

  7. Just to emphasize my point, the type of people who would be interested in such a “solution” are NOT the type who are willing to pay anything for it.


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