Apple’s Mac powers Apple above and beyond Wall Street’s expectations

“Apple blew past Wall Street’s expectations with a fiscal fourth-quarter report on Oct. 19 that showed profits surged 47% and revenues climbed 25% on lofty Mac computer sales,” Arik Hesseldahl reports for BusinessWeek.

“Apple rode strong consumer sales of its Mac PCs and iPhones during the quarter,” Hesseldahl reports.

MacDailyNews Take: “Mac PCs.” Cringe. That’s sounds almost as jarring as “Microsoft Works.”

Hesseldahl continues, “Sales shot up to nearly $9.9 billion, vs. $7.9 billion a year ago. Net income reached $1.67 billion, or $1.82 per share, compared to $1.26 a year ago. Gross margin, a key measure of profitability, was 36.3%.”

MacDailyNews Take: Upon hearing Apple’s gross margin figure, Michael Dell promptly fainted. When we woke up, he vowed to “make it all up in volume.” Not too bright, that Mikey.

Hesseldahl continues, “The results bested the estimates of even the most bullish analysts. Wall Street’s consensus estimate was that Apple would report sales of $9.2 billion and earn $1.42 per share. ‘My estimates were higher than the Street’s, people told me I was too high, and they still beat both my numbers,’ says Brian Marshall, an analyst with Broadpoint AmTech.”

“Shares of Apple soared in extended trading, adding 6.3% after closing Oct. 19 at 189.86, a gain of 1.81, or nearly 1%,” Hesseldahl reports. “At one point in extended trading, the shares reached nearly 205. Apple’s all-time intraday high price during a regular trading session is 202.96, set on Dec. 27, 2007, and it has been trading near its 52-week high of 190 in recent days.”

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  1. I am soooooooooooooo gggggggggllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd that I kept my apple stocks. Not much. Just 50 shares. Bought back after the split in 2005 when it was around $40/share. Wished I had bought more.

  2. Woot! Love it! And since mac computer sales were the big number, it shows that this is more than just an ipod/iphone bubble effect. 3 record quarters are not an effect, they are a trend.

  3. And if you replace last week’s estimate of 1.6 million Macs in the last quarter with 3 million, you get somewhere near 16% market share in the US, not 9.4%. (IDC market share estimate of last week.)

  4. The WSJ had a similar article, same numbers and all, yet they managed to credit the growth to the iPhone. I nearly choked! They clearly said the iPhone sales grew 7% (impressive enough) and the Mac sales grew 17% – both year over year – and then attributed the over-all growth to the iPhone. Never mind that the profits from one Mac could buy a couple of iPhones outright!
    Wingsy, nice point. Yes, the IDC numbers may have to be adjusted. With maybe 40% growth in several foreign markets, Apple may even be about to hit the Top 5 in the WORLD.

  5. I dunno, but PC to me means something “other” than the Macintosh experience. The Mac experience is not a PC (Personal Computer), it’s something different – think different if you will, but different.

    What these analysts need to do is some old fashioned research, which means leaving their cushy offices and visiting an Apple store for a few days. Sit in the parking lot like you were on a stake out and count the number of folks going in and out. Sit in the corner and count the number of folks interacting with the products. Purchasing the products. Etc. Let some of the experience rub off on you.

    I have yet to visit an Apple store that has not been crowded with eager people looking to spend money. None of the earnings reports have surprised me. More and more people I know are getting Mac’s and iPhones and loving them like new family members. That doesn’t happen with PC’s – sorry.

  6. “MacDailyNews Take: “Mac PCs.” Cringe. That’s sounds almost as jarring as “Microsoft Works.”

    That’s just what Macs are – personal computers. Sounds just right to me.

  7. All AAPL Shareholders should send Steve Ballmer a thank you letter!

    Here is why? (My Top 12 Reasons)
    1) The Zune HD all the reviewers compare it to the iPod touch/iPhone.
    2) The Zune HD in the store has a screen that is hard to read and washed out and well dim. It looks and feels like a 1960’s-1970’s era cheap transistor radio. It’s put together like one too.
    3) Windows Mobile 6.5 is a joke.
    4) The New Microsoft Stores everyone keeps comparing the Microsoft Retail to Apple’s Retail Stores.
    5) The Windows Vista disaster
    6) The up coming Windows Vista 2 eerr, Windows 7 disaster.
    7) Keep smiting the Microsoft Partners
    8) Charging the full price for Windows Vista 2 eerr, Windows 7 upgrades
    9) Proving that Microsoft has lost the management and Technical savvy to create a new version of Windows from the ground up.
    10) For telling the world that Microsoft’s biggest threat to it’s Windows Monopoly Grip is Apple with Mac OS X
    11) The I’m a PC ads that show that Windows users are mindless and brainless buying the cheapest PC available.

  8. @Bobby Skinner
    Same here-
    Trash-80 with a whopping 8K (increased from 2) and then in 1984 (i think) I got a Apple ][e. My pops arranged to get the one via a colleague’s Apple employee discount. I worked all that summer to buy that Apple.

  9. Financial brokers are newcomers to the Apple bandwagon but they should have jumped on a decade ago, now with apple’s newest numbers they should have gotten on apples ship when they were boarding Microsoft’s. If you had money to invest in 1992, it is now the case that you would have made more by investing in Apple than in Microsoft:

    Microsofts explosive growth ran through 2000, since then it has been all apple and at the current rate of apple’s growth (and Microsoft’s decline), Apple will pass Microsoft in Market capitalization in the next 12 months.

    Assuming of course that Windows (Vista Server Pack) 7 does not save them ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />.

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