Microsoft’s bulbous, plastic ‘Project Pink’ phones made by Sharp, aimed at kiddie market

“Project Pink is Microsoft’s secret new phone, their first major phone play since the iPhone. Here are the first pictures of Pink phones, Turtle and Pure,” Gizmodo reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Some secret. And, why is Microsoft so scatological? First with brown Zunes and now they invite people to fill in the blank: Pure —-. And, “Turtle?” Try some fiber. What are they drinking up in Redmond?

GIzmodo continues, “These phones are going to be made by Sharp, who’ll get to share branding with Microsoft. Sharp produced the Sidekick hardware for Danger, who was bought by Microsoft two years ago… Turtle looks like a chunky child’s version of a Palm Pre, while Pure seems like a standard slider, and both are clearly plastic, with an overall sense of roundedness.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, look, tiny antiquated plastic keys! Old, with an overall sense of roundedness; do they dance, sweat, and scream, too?

Gizmodo reports, “It’s been reported elsewhere that Pink phones will include Zune services, and have its own app store, making it as close to the Zune phone as we may get.”

Full article, with larger images, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to compete with iPhone, son.


  1. All this does is PROVE what an also-ran Microsoft is. Have they EVER had an innovative idea of their own? I swear, they are the Japan of computing, just copying everything.

    I take that back, that’s an insult to Japan.

    One day someone is going to take out Microsoft like Reagan did the Soviet Union, leaking a rumor of a hideously expensive fantastic device and watch them bankrupt themselves trying to copy it….

  2. There are plenty of people who want a phone that is not an iPhone or Blackberry. These may sell well to those who think a $300 laptop is a bargain. There are plenty of people around that have this WalMart mentality.

    Let’s not get overly arrogant just because we have the Maserati of phones. Ford is still doing fairly well.

  3. My cousin was going to get one of those clunky I-Phones until I sent him the link to this article about Microsoft’s impressive new phones. He’s going to stick with his trusty Windows Mobile-based Palm until these are available and then make his decision.

    I know you MAC sheep don’t want to hear it, but the button-challenged I-Phone from beleaguered MAC has met its match.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

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