What happens when a few strategic audio bleeps are placed in Microsoft’s ‘Windows 7 Party’ video?

Cabel Sasser, co-Founder of Panic, blogs, “Good news! Microsoft recently released some very helpful tips for hosting your own Windows 7 party!”

“Has there even been a more vibrant and tangible demonstration of the difference between Apple and Microsoft?” Sasser asks. “Turns out, though, it’s a lot more fun when you imagine these guys are helping you plan a… slightly different party.”

Sasser took Microsoft’s already hilarious video (only 1:58 of it, thank Jobs), placed a few strategic audio bleeps here and there and, voila, these folks are now planning one swingin’ party!

Direct link via YouTube here.

MacDailyNews Note: Note to Microsoft: Mac users are smarter than you. Way smarter.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up. Via 9 to 5 Mac.]


  1. “Suddenly, mentioning that Windows 7 may suffer from “performance issues” takes on an entirely different meaning…”

    Well, they don’t call it Microsoft for nothing…

  2. You MAC fangirls are jealous because a) there weren’t any Snow Pussy parties, and b) you weren’t invited to any Windows 7 parties. Mine is going to be a blast—the IT guys at work confirmed they’ll be there and mom is making Rice Krispie treats in the shape of the number 7. We’ll revisit Microsoft’s rich history through online Windows 7 Live Ultimate Charades and numerous other awesome activities. Get a clue MAC dorks.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  3. One word for ‘Windows 7 Launch Party’…


    I mean, how utterly lame / desperate / out-of-touch must MS’s advert dept be to come up with this crap. They should all be fired.

    May Ballmer stay in charge for as long as it takes. *lifts glass*

  4. I thought Microsoft Bob was scraping the bottom of the barrel, but this pile of garbage takes the cake. A party to launch Vista 2 ?

    Although perhaps it makes sense. After all, those folks dumb enough to use Windoze probably have no life, and so a ‘party’ like this is the highlight of their year.

    Meanwhile, this version is pretty amusing.

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