iTunes 9 screenshots show Facebook, Twitter and integration

A German blogger claims to have dug up a handful of iTunes 9 screenshots while sifting through a Chinese Apple forum:

Zach Epstein reports for The Boy Genius Report, “For those of you who are late to the party, we exclusively scooped a handful of features said to be coming to the next version of iTunes and then followed up this morning with some tasty new info. Should these screenshots be authentic, they definitely firm up several of the items we listed including integration and some kind of integration with Facebook and Twitter as shown in the first screenshot below.”

Full article here.


  1. I call fake… see the white corners on the logo… Apple would never allow that… same thing with the FB and Twitter icons. They would wind up inside a button, not just out there like that…

  2. ¿You want to give some add value to Itunes (sic.)? Integrate it with the awesome, exclusive and unique MSN service. Why? Because the real world is there; the rest of services ar just plain dumb. MSN has all you need: from hotmail to… well hotmail. Oh, wait! There is a search engine, too. I can’t remember the name, but it is there.

    ¿Can you imagine hotmail integrated in Itunes (sic.)? ¿And the zune, too? My god. It will be beautiful.

    Your denial. Our service.

  3. On my former blog, I used to post a note of what song was playing in iTunes. Ran a script to grab the song and then load it up to the web server. Just a little thing. Eventually, I replaced it with my Top 25, with embedded Amazon links, which seemed to generate more interest, and a few pennies. But why do this to Twitter and FB? There is no value there, unless you’re looking for a way to convince people not to follow you.

    @Brian Allen: I agree that the iWeb/FB integration is crappy. No value there. But I wouldn’t mind being able to post my top 25 list to my iWeb page(s). iWeb is pretty thin, maybe anorexic, compared to Expression Engine which I used before, it’s just what I need these days.

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