Microsoft wants developers to port Apple iPhone apps to Windows Mobile

Apple Online Store “Microsoft has published a case study detailing how to port an iPhone application to its Windows Mobile [Windows Phone OS] platform as it prepares to launch an online store for mobile applications to compete with Apple,” Elizabeth Montalbano reports for IDG News Service.

“A post on The Windows Blog highlights a case study published on Microsoft’s Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) site containing a detailed technical blueprint that describes the porting of the iPhone application Amplitude to Windows Mobile 6.5,” Montalbano reports. “The report was created by a third-party consulting group, Crimson Consulting, and is meant to be a helpful document for developers as they build Windows Mobile applications for Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace. Microsoft plans to launch the Windows Marketplace for mobile applications in the fall, which in the U.S. means the late-September to late-December time frame.”

“Microsoft President of Entertainment and Devices Robbie Bach acknowledged last week at the company’s annual meeting of financial analysts that Microsoft’s mobile business, centered around its Windows Mobile OS and development platform, did not perform well in the last fiscal year, losing market share while making modest gains in unit volume,” Montalbano reports. “Apple’s iPhone continues to leave most other competitors in the dust in the mobile space, and Microsoft has been struggling for some time to compete in this market… In addition to the apps marketplace, Bach said Microsoft has a few ideas to improve its mobile business, including adding talent to the team and continuing to innovate on the platform without building its own hardware to compete with the iPhone, which analysts have suggested it should do.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Never fear, WinMo sufferers, we plan to begin porting our free MacDailyNews app for iPhone and iPod touch to Windows Mobile on the very first Thursday after never.


  1. MS still has the problem of trying to support many devices some with touch other with out. It will be impossible to support so many phones with one OS. Imagine writing specific applications for 150 phones. Seems like a developers nightmare. This is the beauty of having one phone and one platform to run it on. This is not like pc vs. mac but 150 different computers vs the mac which makes it nearly impossible to capture the OS market for the phone.

    Another cheap and classic way MS tries to ride the backs of innovators. Please Microsoft more “Big Ass Tables”.

  2. I suggest that any developer that ports their app to Windows mobile be tarred and feathered and then publicly humiliated. Further, they should be banned from the Apple App store for life.

  3. The sheer stupidity and cluelessness of that “request” just boggles the mind.

    How does one even begin… ?

    How many different screen resolutions and hardware configurations are present in all the various WinMob phones?
    I don’t think even MS could answer that question.

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