Apple Online Store “Optus has released the IP Index, its annual survey of corporate use of all forms of IP communications. It shows the iPhone, developed primarily as a consumer device, making very strong headway in enterprises against more established technologies,” Stuart Corner reports for iTWire.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple has never said that they developed iPhone “primarily as a consumer device.” That’s merely an older favorite talking point that originated from competitors threatened by Apple’s iPhone. It shows the value of talking points; repeat a lie often enough and people believe it and even report it as fact.

Corner continues, “Over half (57 percent) of those surveyed believe the Apple iPhone 3G has some suitability to business. According to Optus, “The device’s 3G credibility in the enterprise market is further enhanced by the 27 percent who see it as a device ideally suited to business use.” It notes that “This seemingly rapid acceptance in the business market suggests future years will see increased levels of Apple iPhone 3G adoption.” Only 16 percent or respondents said the iPhone was a consumer device not suitable for business.”

Corner reports, “Optus Business marketing director, Scott Mason, told iTWire: ‘What we have seen is that corporates are surprisingly accepting of supplying iPhones or the fact that employees will be bringing their own iPhones to work and wanting a [employer supplied] SIM. We were rather surprised to find that 24 percent of respondents reported that at least some of their employees use their own iPhones to access the corporate network.'”

Corner reports, “This result bodes well for the future success of the iPhone in the corporate world, but the lack lustre performance of Windows Mobile seems surprising given the dominance of Windows in corporate IT.”

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