Microsoft: Anyone who thinks that Apple is going to run the mobile industry is sorely mistaken

Apple Online Store “Steven Hegenderfer, group product manager of Windows Mobile, said that the mobile industry is still very much in its ‘infancy,'” John Cook reports for TechFlash.

MacDailyNews Take: He’s right about that, but Apple’s like the first kid ever to have completed college and won the Super Bowl before age three, while Microsoft is still in the hospital incubator sucking on oxygen and pooping in its diaper.

Cook continues, “‘Anyone (who) thinks that Apple is going to run this thing, they are sorely mistaken,’ said Hegenderfer. ‘And I am not talking from like a pompous point of view. We are so early in this industry … we are barely scratching the tip of the iceberg. And this is exciting…. It is like a wild west land rush, there is gold in them there hills.’ And while Apple has gained a ‘great first mover advantage’ with its App store, Hegenderfer said that ‘there is still a lot of play left in marketplaces.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Underestimating Apple’s massive first mover advantage doesn’t really hurt the also-rans, because even if they stop deluding themselves and recognized the monumental task in front of them, they’ll likely never catch up anyway; especially Microsoft with their shiteous, bowl-circling, hopelessly outclassed Windows Mobile.

Cook continues, “Hegenderfer said, ‘If there is one area where I have Apple envy, it is that. From a developer standpoint, and being a developer it is like ‘Wow, I can target one install base and I know the screen size and I know the processor and I know what is on the device. I love that.'”

MacDailyNews Take: And, it’s something you’ll never have with your business model, Zune Boy. Now, if that’s the only area where Microsoft has “Apple envy,” then Microsoft, unsurprisingly, doesn’t get the whole picture and are doomed to continuing their steady, iPhone-induced mobile OS market share losses.

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